Vera wins war with Grant, Brown’s Lima a punch – .

Vera wins war with Grant, Brown’s Lima a punch – .

The main card for UFC Vegas 29 is still going on and we got some explosive finishes and competitive decisions. In the main co-event, rising heavyweight Sergey Spivak won a tough decision against timeless Aleksei Oleinik. Spivak did a solid job on his feet, stuffed eliminations and avoided submitting to the ground. He passed his IQ test and extended his winning streak to three.

Before that, we had a top-tier bantamweight battle between No.15 ranked Marlon Vera and always tough Davey Grant. Both men delivered quality strikes throughout, and this grueling war took place across all facets of the sport, but it was Chito Vera who did the most damage to win the unanimous decision. Grant fought hard, but it was Chito’s night to take the win and keep his place in the standings.

In the featherweight division, Seung Woo Choi did a quick job on Julian Erosa, shielding him from big hitting in the first round. It was a big left hook that sat Erosa down, and then a few follow-up ground strikes made it official. Choi looked fantastic tonight as he claimed his first UFC win and extended his winning streak to three straight matches.

We got a ruthless knockout on the main map when Bruno Silva cold knocked out Wellington Turman in the first round. As Turman rolled for an armband, his own arm was trapped and unable to block incoming punches, so he fell asleep. This is Silva’s debut in the UFC and his first fight since November 2012.8 I would say he made one hell of a statement.

Opening the main card, Matt Brown pulled off a spectacular knockout blow against Dhiego Lima in the second round. It was a perfectly placed right cross that landed on the button and knocked Lima unconscious to the ground. Brown, 40, just picked up a nasty finish in his 38th fight in the UFC. He’s also tied for most knockouts in promotion history. Wow, wow and wow!

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Main card:

Sergey Spivak beat. Aleksei Oleinik via unanimous decision (29-28 x3): heavyweight

Oleinik took the center of the cage early, pumping his jab and winged bombs. Spivak responded with a burst that went through, but Oleinik kept throwing savagely. Oleinik was trying to mix up the takedown attempts, but Spivak’s defense held on. It wasn’t until about a minute from the end of the round that Oleinik managed to drag Spivak to the ground. He briefly attempted a sling choke, before bailing out and scoring with an elbow before the horn.

Oleinik worked his jab again at the start of the second round. He then fitted the Spivak tedders, many of which were blocked. Oleinik then pulled the guard, but Spivak interrupted his sweeping attempts and dropped a few significant punches from the top. Spivak then jumped on a guillotine, giving Oleinik the top spot for the final 30 seconds. Understandably, Oleinik worked hard for a scarf catch, but ran out of time before he could get a tap.

Spivak pumped his jab in the final frame, playing Oleinik as he pushed forward. A cut was cut open on Oleinik’s head, but the blood did not seem to affect his vision. Oleinik shot for an out, but Spivak sprawled out and discharged a few punches. The forward pressure didn’t stop as Oleinik continued to strike and move forward. He was doing fine until he pulled for disassembly and ended up deep down to the bell.

Marlon Vera beat. Davey Grant via unanimous decision (29-27, 29-28, 30-26): bantamweight

Grant came out looking to attack Chito’s legs right away. He then built on that by unloading a few hands. Chito sat back, trying to be solid on the defensive, remaining aware of what was happening to him. Chito ate a few punches before catching a kick and briefly taking first place. Grant stood up and landed a few more punches, while Chito attacked the leg and forced the changes of position.

Chito came home straight away and was kicked in the legs in the second round. Grant responded with more combination punches, which prompted Chito to move towards the high guard. Next, Chito sliced ​​his foe with a sharp elbow on the inside. That’s when Grant chose to hit an out around the middle of the round. Chito tried to climb, but Davey controlled from the top, dropping strikes when he could. Grant’s failed guillotine attempt gave Chito a moment to take the top spot, and Vera was able to give him a few hits before the bell.

Grant shot for a takedown to start the last frame, but Chito slumped over him and turned backwards. From there he attacked with an RNC, then with an arm triangle. Grant escaped and stood up, bombing and actually connecting. Chito uncorked a series of elbows and knees in the clinch, then did a trip to put Davey on his back. He stayed at the top, denying Grant the chance to get back on his feet. Chito went hard for an RNC as the time went on, but Grant was too much to exploit.

Seung Woo Choi beat. Julian Erosa by TKO at 1:37 of round 1: featherweight

Choi opened the fight with a few radiators, dusting Erosa with leather from the start. Erosa was throwing back, but he was not throwing with the same speed as Choi. Then a left hook landed on the button and Erosa hit the bridge. A few ground strikes landed and the referee had seen enough.

Bruno Silva beat. Wellington Turman by KO at 4:45 of round 1: middleweight

Turman closed the distance straight away to get things done, but Silva was able to turn the position around. Both fighters fled with closing grabs, both being warned by the referee. Turman began to grind on Silva, keeping a bodylock and making him carry his weight. Turman jumped onto his enemy’s back while Silva was still standing and spent some time there. Silva escaped through the back door and into the top position. He crashed with several hard ground strikes, making the most of his opportunity. As Turman searched for an armband, he trapped his own arm and Silva knocked him out with unblocked punches that set him cold.

Matt Brown def. Dhiego Lima by KO at 3:02 of round 2: welterweight

Lima looked for low kicks to get things done. Brown responded with a few leg kicks, but landed in the thigh. The pace was not really high, respect being shown on both sides. Lima stayed with his calf attack, causing redness on Brown’s lower leg.

Lima opened the second act with a flurry of punches, then fired for the takedown. Brown did a solid job of pushing back the grapple feeds and staying on his feet. Lima continued to go in the clinch, but just couldn’t get his opponent to the mat. Then Brown unhooks a perfect right hand that totally knocked out Lima. HOLY COW!


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