UK-France driving license agreement expected “very soon” – –

UK-France driving license agreement expected “very soon” – –

A Franco-British agreement on post-Brexit arrangements for people in France driving with British licenses is expected to be imminent, the French Interior Ministry said.
“Post-Brexit license negotiations in the UK should lead to a positive conclusion very soon,” said a spokesperson for the Home Office’s road safety section. The connection.

It comes as British Ambassador to France Ed Llewellyn told readers in his June article. Log in column of the edition: “I know that the issue of driver’s licenses is a source of concern and frustration. The implementation of the legal changes on the French side is taking longer than we had hoped, which is why we have not yet been able to publish the details of the new provisions.

“We are putting pressure on the French authorities to react quickly. I have raised the issue again in recent days with the Interior Ministry and the Prime Minister’s office, stressing the real difficulties this affair poses.

At present, there is no provision allowing drivers using British licenses in France to exchange their licenses for French licenses. This means that those whose UK license has already expired can no longer legally drive as they cannot renew their UK license at a French address.

Holders of valid British licenses can, depending on the rules in force, use them until the end of 2021, or for one year from the arrival of new arrivals in France.

In the absence of a reciprocity agreement or a new unilateral French decree on UK licenses, drivers using these licenses would have to take a French driving test.

A UK-France agreement should include, at a minimum, confirmation that holders of valid UK licenses can request to exchange them for a French license.

An agreement that those who already drive with valid UK licenses can continue to do so is also a possibility, as this has been agreed by the UK with other EU states.

It is not known how the issue of expired licenses will be resolved.

The UK now has reciprocal driving license agreements with all EU countries except France, Spain and Italy. A spokesperson for his Ministry of Transport previously said The connection the DFT spoke to all EU states last year in hopes that agreements would be in place by January 1.

However, a senior French official said The connection in January, it was not possible to start such talks before full Brexit as future relations between the UK and the EU were unclear, but the official said he was expected the issues to be resolved in the first half of this year.

In a poll in May 70 Log in readers have stated that they can no longer legally drive in France due to the expiration of their UK license.

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