UK Covid live news: People booking overseas travel should consider ‘risk of things changing’, says Shapps

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Hello. Transport secretary Grant Shapps has warned anyone wishing to travel abroad that the rules could change in the short term after the addition of Malta, Madeira and the Balearics, among others, to the UK’s green list.

But there were concerns in the besieged travel sector, with prominent figures accusing the government of being “too cautious.”

Shapps a dit :

People will have to make their own decisions… If people are in a situation where from next week they wanted to get away then these are the places you can go for a vacation, of course, being aware of all of them. the warnings about the risk of things changing because… it happens with a lot of regularity.

He also said international travel would not return to the way it was before the coronavirus, but that he hoped the announcement of a green watch list would give people vacation options.

The cabinet minister told Sky News:

This means that there is a bit of relief for the travel industry and for people who want to get away from it all.
It won’t be quite like 2019 and back in the days, but we are moving in a positive direction.

Pressed to find out if he would book a vacation in Mallorca, which is on the Green Watch List, Shapps said:

I should just explain the green watchlist. That means they’re on the green list, you can go there and it’s treated like a green list country, but we’re just completely open with the data that scientists have given us saying, there is one or two concerns it could mean maybe we need to react quickly so we said this is the green watch list so people can see exactly what we are seeing.
I have to say whoever is booking to go anywhere this summer, travel insurance, making sure your flights are changeable, making sure the accommodation is changeable – all of those things are going to be very important this year and I think people will have to weigh whether this will work for them or not.

In other news, Matt Hancock was accused of having had an affair with a counselor in his department.

The Sun posted photos of the married minister appearing to kiss Gina coladangelo, who the newspaper said was hired by Hancock last year.

The images, which appear to be from CCTV footage, were taken on May 6 from the headquarters of the Department of Health and Social Affairs (DHSC), the newspaper said.

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