UEFA “confident” vis-à-vis Wembley matches but has an “emergency plan” – .

UEFA “confident” vis-à-vis Wembley matches but has an “emergency plan” – .

Wembley hosted 22,500 fans – 25% of capacity – for England’s Group D game against Croatia

UEFA says it is ‘confident’ that the Euro 2020 semi-finals and final will be held at Wembley, but have a contingency plan amid concerns over coronavirus restrictions in England.

The Times reported that the games could be moved from London to Budapest if VIPs are not granted an exemption from England’s strict quarantine rules.

The British government has postponed the lifting of all restrictions until July 19.

Most Euro 2020 countries are on the government’s orange or red list.

Wembley’s capacity is reduced to 22,500 for group matches at Euro 2020, but it is expected to be expanded to 45,000 – around 50% of full capacity – for round of 16 matches.

Matches are treated as fan pilot events and are therefore exempt from strict capacity limits. Of all the hosts of Euro 2020, only Hungary’s Puskas Arena, with a capacity of 67,000, will have a full crowd.

Last month, UEFA moved the Champions League final from Istanbul to Porto due to coronavirus restrictions affecting travel to and from Turkey.

UEFA met with officials from the UK government and the Football Association to discuss the possibility of Wembley hosting the game between Chelsea and Manchester City, but no agreement could be reached on quarantine exemptions for sponsors, VIPs and broadcasters.

The government is in talks with UEFA on plans for the safe and secure delivery of the Euro 2020 semi-finals and finals, but it is understood that no decision has been made regarding the exemptions.

Asked about permission for fans in the country for the final week of the tournament, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Friday: ‘We will do what we need to do to protect the country from Covid – this will obviously be our priority, and we will discuss with UEFA what they want and will see if we can make reasonable compromises.

“But the priority must obviously be public health. ”

UEFA said it was in talks with local authorities to allow visiting fans to use a travel bubble that would see their time spent in the UK reduced to less than 24 hours, with travel limited to transport and approved locations.

The European football governing body has demanded “that a number of broadcasters and business partners be allowed to attend matches, subject to the same restrictions as staff”.

“We understand the pressures facing the government and hope to be able to reach a satisfactory conclusion to our discussions on the matter,” UEFA said in a statement.

“There is always a contingency plan but we are convinced that the last week will be in London. “

Dublin and Bilbao were originally host cities, but failed to organize matches after being unable to ensure spectators were present.

Bilbao received a settlement of 1.3 million eurosexternal link for losing their matches.


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