Tyra Banks shares her thoughts on the Victoria Secret brand redesign – .

Tyra Banks shares her thoughts on the Victoria Secret brand redesign – .

Tyra Banks reacts to recent changes in Victoria’s Secret.

It was announced on Thursday (June 17) that the lingerie brand will be phasing out Victoria’s Secret Angels and replace them with the “VS Collective” with the aim of reinventing beauty standards for women.

Tyra, who was one of Victoria’s most famous angels, took to social media on Friday, June 18 to respond to the news.

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the Dancing with the stars The host shared a photo of herself from her last Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2005, along with the caption: “First is hard. The first is loneliness. But first is necessary.

“The first is crucial so that a door can be opened for others to pass through,” she continued. “Within 10 years from 1995, I was the first Black @VictoriasSecret contract model of all time. The first Black Victoria’s Secret Cover model. The first Black VS model to do so many other revolutionary things with the brand, as well as other brands. But after a first, there must come a further flow. A flow of different. A unique flow. A flow so strong, a flow so numerous that we LOSE ACCOUNT.

“I retired from the podium 16 years ago,” she added, “and I’m proud to witness a beauty revolution in my lifetime. “

“To the new badass ROLE model collective, I may have opened that door, but you guys are all forging ahead,” Trya concluded. “Keep going until we all lose count of how many people are crossing behind you.” #LetsLoseCount. “

Last year Tyra has concocted an exciting project that she has in preparation!


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