Twins Bindi Irwin and newborn daughter Grace Warrior in new pics – –

Twins Bindi Irwin and newborn daughter Grace Warrior in new pics – –

Bindi Irwin’s daughter, Grace Warrior, could be his twin.

In a new set of photos shared on social media, the 22-year-old mother gave the world a glimpse of her three-month-old baby girl. The infant is wrapped in a hooded towel in Irwin’s lap while looking directly at the camera. To show how alike they look, Irwin also shared a second photo of her as a baby, wrapped in a towel similar to her own mother, Terri Irwin, who is holding her.

“Baby Grace Warrior & Baby Bindi Sue Like Mommy Like Daughter. We both love our hooded towels, ”the daughter of the late Steve Irwin captioned the cute family photos.

Although Irwin disabled comments on the photo, his mother, Terri, responded by reposting the photos on Twitter.

“You were the sweetest baby, Bindi,” the proud one mother turned grandmother wrote, “And now you are the most wonderful mother for my dear little Grace!” “

Bindi Irwin smiling on the red carpet
Bindi Irwin is paired with her newborn baby.
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Irwin is no stranger to sharing photos of the newborn daughter she shares with her husband, Chandler Powell.

Just four days before the photos of the side-by-side bath were posted, Irwin shared new photos of baby Grace on a nature walk with her parents. The little one was tucked away in his stroller while wearing a light pink bow headband. “Adventures with Our Little Bug,” Irwin captioned the set, which included a photo of her next to Grace’s stroller.

Irwin and Powell welcomed Grace Warrior on March 25 – the same day as their first wedding anniversary.

Irwin chose to honor his late father, Steve, by giving Grace the middle name “Warrior,” which the new mom said was “a tribute to my father and his legacy as the most important wildlife warrior. unbelievable “.


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