Tucker Carlson is a go-to source for journalists he “hates,” New York Times reports – .

Tucker Carlson is a go-to source for journalists he “hates,” New York Times reports – .

16 reporters confirmed that the Fox News host gave them information, three said he was a “great source”, the newspaper said.

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Fox News host and political commentator Tucker Carlson is a go-to source for journalists and media outlets he has claimed to “hate,” according to a report by New York Times.

The 52-year-old’s relationship with several journalists was revealed in a Sunday Chronicle for the Time’ by Ben Smith, who said it was an “open secret” in Washington that Carlson shared gossip and information with news organizations about Donald Trump’s administration, Fox News and himself.

In addition to his own conversations with Carlson, Smith said 16 other reporters confirmed that the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host gave them information, with three saying he was a “great source.”

“The general public doesn’t know how much (Carlson) is playing both sides,” said one reporter, who works for a “leading publication”. Time journalist.

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Meanwhile, on his show, Carlson frequently criticizes reporters – resulting in “waves of harassment” for individual reporters, Smith writes.

According to the outlet, when a freelance journalist and photographer began work on a “light” article about Calrson’s studio in rural Maine last year, he was called into question by him on air, one of the ‘them even being qualified as “political activist”.

“The story would be about this community, this rural community in Maine that is very small, very rural and very Americana-like and that just happens to be the location of this very popular cable news show,” the photographer said, Tristan Spinski, in an interview with Erik Wemple’s blog.

After “threats and a threatening incident” at the photographer’s home, the planned article was dropped.

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Speaking to owned by fox sports media site Kick in April, Carlson said journalists working in mainstream media in the United States were “cowards” and “crawling animals that are not worthy of respect.”

“I can’t overstate how disgusted I am,” he said. mentionned, “Not just by the details of the psychic’s lie, but disgusted by the emphasis.” The media are essentially the praetorian guard for the ruling class, the bodyguards for Jeff Bezos. It is the opposite of what we should have.

“I really hate them for that, I’ll be honest,” he added.

Yet Smith writes that when he doesn’t “denounce the liberal media,” he “trades gossip” with them, adding, “He’s the go-to man for the sometimes unflattering stories about Donald J. Trump and for Fox’s internal policy coverage. News (not to mention stories about Mr. Carlson himself).

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According to Time, Fox public relations manager Irena Briganti said it was “not really surprising that anyone who works in the media talks to the press.”

In fact, in an upcoming collection of essays, American author and journalist Michael Wolff, who chronicles Trump’s White House in his book Fire and fury, writes that in “Trump’s Washington, Tucker Carlson is a top secret source.”

“I know this because I know what he told me, and I can follow his exquisite gossip, too good not to be true through unsourced reports and as they often emerge in accepted wisdom,” said he declared.

TV presenter and author Brian Stelter, who hosts CNN’s “Trusted Sources”, also told Smith that “you can see Tucker’s fingerprints all over the hardcover edition” of his 2020 book “Hoax. “.

With the highest rated program in the history of US cable news and millions of nightly viewers, Carlson had been “well placed” to be a source on the Trump administration, Smith wrote, because it “mattered.”

Asked by Smith, via text message, about his “reputation” as a source of both gossip and information about the Trump administration, Carlson replied, “I don’t know of any gossip. I live in a town of 100 people.


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