Trump went wild that ‘black people’ hated him following George Floyd – .

Trump went wild that ‘black people’ hated him following George Floyd – .

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Former President Donald Trump spoke out against ‘the black people’ he did ‘all of these things’ for whom he didn’t think they would vote for him in the wake of the George Floyd protests – and blamed Jared Kushner to make him appear weak.

In an excerpt from Wall Street Journal reporter Michael Bender’s upcoming book, “Frankly, We Won This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost,” the reporter writes about how Trump’s handling of Floyd’s murder marked the beginning of the end of his 2020 campaign.

During his 2016 campaign, Trump had considered ‘law and order’ themes, but felt that the criminal justice reform bill he signed – and that Kushner had advocated – in December 2018 made him look weak and didn’t earn him black goodwill. Americans, wrote Bender.

“I did all of this for Blacks – it’s always Jared telling me to do it,” Trump said on Father’s Day 2020, less than a month after Floyd died. “And they all hate me, and none of them will vote for me.” ”

Forthcoming book reveals former President Donald Trump was more sympathetic to George Floyd and criticized the police behind the scenes than he was in public and also made matters worse with no clue by giving the rally the green light from Tulsa (pictured) on June 10.

In Michael Bender's next book,

In Michael Bender’s forthcoming book, “Frankly We Won This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Loses,” the reporter says Trump’s handling of George Floyd’s death marked the beginning of the end. of its 2020 campaign

It was Kushner who sounded the alarm that Floyd’s death could be problematic.

A day after Floyd died on Memorial Day at a West Wing meeting on the COVID-19 pandemic, as attendants lamented the current coronavirus crisis, Kushner said: “I’m just going to stop you.” .

“There will be one story that will dominate absolutely everything for the foreseeable future. I already hear African American leaders talking about the death of George Floyd in Minnesota, ”said Kushner.

Some sources told Bender that White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows messed it all up, a characterization he denies.

“Nobody will care,” Meadows reportedly said.

Bender’s report also reveals that Trump was much more sympathetic to Floyd – and critical of the police – behind the scenes than he was in public.

It took Trump several days to watch the 9-minute and 29-second video of Officer Derek Chauvin choking on Floyd’s life – and he was horrified.

Trump was flying from Florida to Washington and surrounded by Kushner, social media director Dan Scavino and his national security adviser Robert O’Brien.

The president’s face was distorted as he watched. He seemed repelled, Bender wrote, and turned away. He returned the phone to the assistants before the end of the video.

Trump criticized his son-in-law Jared Kushner for making him appear weak by signing a criminal justice reform bill in December 2018 that he said withdrew its 'law and order' message and failed not help to convince black voters

Trump criticized his son-in-law Jared Kushner for making him appear weak by signing a criminal justice reform bill in December 2018 which he said took away his message of “law and order” and didn’t help win black voters

“It’s fucking terrible,” he replied.

In an Oval Office meeting with Attorney General Bill Barr and other aides the next day, Trump’s tone was surprisingly critical of the police.

“I know those fucking cops,” Trump said, speaking of stories he had heard about the savage police tactics that had grown up in Queens. “Sometimes they can get out of hand. They can be rough.

Publicly, Trump has sided with the police and against the protesters.

“These thugs dishonor the memory of George Floyd,” the president tweeted as some protests spiraled out of control in Minneapolis, where Floyd was killed, and other cities. “When the looting begins, the shooting begins. Thank you!’

Bender’s book also reveals that Trump made matters worse with no clue by giving the green light to his first COVID-era rally to be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma – the site of the worst racial violence incident in US history. United States – June 10 marks the end of slavery in the United States, which has been celebrated in the black community for years.

President Joe Biden signed a law on Thursday making Juneteenth a federal holiday.

The Tulsa rally was planned by Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale, who was trying to find a location in a GOP-led state that had the fewest COVID-19 restrictions.

Not even Trump’s ally, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, wanted a rally in his state three months after the start of the pandemic.

Parscale originally proposed the 11,300-seat Mabee Center, where Trump hosted a rally in 2016, as the site for the Tulsa rally, which later became the 19,000-seat Bank of America Center.

And he suggested the date of June 19, a Friday.

Bender reported that no one on the campaign team had reported this location or date as an issue. The staff of the Republican National Committee understood how this could be seen and rejected.

“Don’t do that,” warned RNC president Ronna Romney McDaniel of Parscale. “The media are not going to give us the benefit of the doubt, especially now. ”

Trump, however, went ahead and announced the rally to the press.

“We are going to start our rallies again now,” he told reporters. “The first one, we think, will probably be – we’re just starting to call – will be in Oklahoma. ”

When asked when he would be in Tulsa, Trump replied, “It will be Friday. Friday night. Next week.’

Democrats took full advantage of what Bender described by saying senior White House officials said Trump was “distressed by his astonishing disregard for history”, showing “vague or non-existent” knowledge of slavery , the Jim Crow era and the black experience.

Trump was shocked by the outcry.

‘Do you know what this is?’ he said of Juneteenth – that his White House had sent out a proclamation for each year of his presidency.

Bender reported that Trump interviewed a black Secret Service agent about the vacation.

‘Yes. I know what it is. And it is very shocking to me that you organize this rally on June 17th, ”replied the agent.

That night, Trump announced that he would move the Tulsa rally to the next day.

Bender tagged an Oval Office interview with Trump in the run-up to the rally where the president told the Wall Street Journal reporter that “no one has heard of it,” speaking of Juneteenth.

Bender pointed out that the White House has issued statements every year.

Still, Trump said, “I did something right. ”

“I made Juneteenth very famous,” added Trump.


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