Tropical Storm Claudette could bring rain and wind gusts to the Maritimes – .

Tropical Storm Claudette could bring rain and wind gusts to the Maritimes – .

Canadian Hurricane Center says tropical storm is expected to hit Nova Scotia on Tuesday

A tropical storm that formed over the US Gulf Coast earlier Saturday morning is expected to head into the Maritimes next week.

Tropical Storm Claudette is currently bringing heavy rain and flooding to coastal US states including Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

It is expected to hit the Maritimes on Tuesday at the end of a tropical storm; it will then turn into a post-tropical storm on Wednesday when it reaches Cape Breton.

The Canadian Hurricane Center tweeted that “no major impacts are expected in Canada.” However, the tropical storm could bring “rain and wind gusts” to parts of the Maritimes.

According to Environment Canada’s hurricane tracking graph, Tropical Storm Claudette is expected to bring wind gusts of around 65 km / h to Nova Scotia.

As of Saturday morning, about 22,000 people between Louisiana and Florida lost power.

The tropical storm is pouring heavy rain along the US Gulf of Mexico coast, and there is a risk of flash floods and tornadoes in some states.

At 7 a.m. on Saturday, the National Hurricane Center in Miami reported that the storm was about 30 miles (48 kilometers) north of New Orleans with sustained winds of 45 mph (72 km / h).

The storm is expected to turn into a tropical depression on Sunday as it moves inland towards Alabama.

However, it is expected to turn into a post-tropical storm until Monday when it passes through Georgia, South Carolina and the east coast of North Carolina.

Then it will turn into a tropical storm on Tuesday as it moves up the Gulf of Maine to southwestern Nova Scotia.


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