travel industry hopes rules will be relaxed for full bites – .

travel industry demands relaxation of UK rules on Covid – .

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The problems associated with international travel to Europe are delicate, complex and constantly evolving.

In the spring, the UK had one of the lowest infection rates in Europe – so it was perhaps understandable that ministers didn’t want the British to go abroad where they would have a bigger risk of infection.

The opposite is true now. The rise of the Delta variant means the UK has the highest rate. So, in theory, a Briton in France, Germany, Spain or Italy is less likely to be infected than here.

But it does mean there is a stronger argument for continental European countries to restrict access for the British. Indeed, a number of countries have already started requiring those arriving from the UK to self-isolate.

This means that even if UK ministers relax travel restrictions, travel abroad could still be very difficult.

The pressure for restrictions against the British is gathering momentum in the EU due to the dominance of the Delta variant in the UK.

This has yet to happen in mainland Europe, mainly because EU countries do not have such close ties to India, where the variant was first identified, but it appears that it is. will only be a matter of time.

Clusters of the Delta variant have been found across Europe – and with lower vaccination levels, there is understandable concern as to what this will lead to.

The fact remains that vacations in continental Europe are not a decision that rests entirely in the hands of ministers here.


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