Tour de France obtains ‘digital twin’ as NTT seeks to strengthen ASO’s toolbox – .

Tour de France obtains ‘digital twin’ as NTT seeks to strengthen ASO’s toolbox – .

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  • NTT also powers a number of digital experiences for fans, including the official fantasy racing platform.
  • Data information to be provided to fans via digital platforms and social media

Japanese technology service provider NTT, official technology partner of the Amaury Sport Organization (ASO), has announced the creation of the largest connected stadium in the world for the Tour de France.

By creating what NTT describes as a “digital twin” of the great cycling tour, millions of data points will be collected and animated through visualizations. The platform will also offer new services to support the event operations of the Tour de France when it starts on June 26.

By recreating each of the 21 stages of the race, NTT seeks to enable race organizers to gain real-time visibility and streamline operations. NTT will use a wide range of IoT sensors, edge calculations and networks, integrated into NTT’s intelligent platforms which will be mapped against a geolocation model of each stage of the Tour. This will allow real-time visibility of key locations and assets, tracing of Covid-19 contacts, as well as instant race timing updates.

Another first for 2021, NTT will use real-time analytics to provide immediate race data to official racing vehicles. This will provide a live overview of the race situation, even in remote areas or in high mountains.

NTT is also improving the racing fan experience with a suite of digital upgrades that include a new Race Center, an official live-tracking platform that provides race updates, including data from live tracking of runners; LeTourData artificial intelligence (AI) data-driven insights and predictions that will be shared on social media and on TV; as well as the immersive 3D Tracker augmented reality (AR) platform.

NTT also powers the official Tour de France Fantasy platform and a Media Wall display in racing villages with LeTourData, as well as live race updates.

Peter Gray, senior vice president of NTT’s Sports Advanced Technology Group, said: “A recurring theme for many organizations as they navigate the pandemic is how to ensure that the needs and requirements are met. changing of their customers are satisfied. Adaptability has been at the heart of our seven-year partnership with ASO.

“We are constantly helping to innovate the Tour de France, an event that millions of passionate fans around the world are eagerly awaiting. Every year the stakes increase as we create new ways to reach and involve more people in new and exciting ways, which is no small feat given the complexity of the race.


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