Timberwolves want ‘badly’ to trade for Ben Simmons – .

Timberwolves want ‘badly’ to trade for Ben Simmons – .

Once it was clear that Ben Simmons could be traded this offseason – meaning the minute he dunked in the critical time of a second-round playoff – one option offered was a trade for D’Angelo Russell of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Apparently, some members of the Minnesota power structure are “wicked” wanting this to happen, reports the Darren Wolfson de 5 Eyewitness News à Minneapolis.

“I texted someone who knows Ben Simmons incredibly well, who has a working knowledge of all things NBA… My message was, ‘How badly do Wolves want to trade for Ben Simmons? This individual texted me, it was a word: “Unfortunately. “

Wolfson has long been considered to have sources with outgoing property group Glen Taylor in Minnesota.

Since there’s no chance Minnesota will send Karl-Anthony Towns (Philly already has an elite center anyway) or promising young player Anthony Edwards, that trade should be Russell for Simmons. These two can be traded directly against each other financially, but Philly would want more in return in such a trade, either draft compensation or a player they love (Malik Beasley?).

For Minnesota, this trade makes sense. The Timberwolves need a perimeter defensive assist and Simmons is an elite defenseman who can protect the frontrunners on all fours. Simmons has flaws as a playmaker in the half court but – if they can boost his confidence – has value with the ball in his hands in transition and the Timberwolves have played at the fifth fastest pace. from the NBA last season. The only real question is what Towns would think of this trade, he wanted Russell in Minnesota, but on paper this should be an upgrade for a Timberwolves team looking to get into the playoff mix in the west.

Is this an upgrade for Philly, however?

They lose an elite perimeter defender and replace it with a negative defender, and is Russell the level of pick-and-roll, half-court shot-maker they need? Is what Russell brings in attack enough to make up for what is lost at the other end of the pitch? Is he significantly better than Tobias Harris as a plan maker?

Never say never, but it’s not a profession that Daryl Morey seems to push into. Also, take into account that Simmons’ agent – Rich Paul of Klutch Sports – will have a heavy hand in any deal that comes through, and is Minnesota where he wants his client?

It’s a rumor that exists, something worth watching, but there will be plenty of rumors about Simmons this offseason.

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