Tiger Woods Turns Down TV Role at US Open, “He Didn’t Want To Do It” – –

Tiger Woods Turns Down TV Role at US Open, “He Didn’t Want To Do It” – –

The sports’ biggest star – who is still recovering from a serious car crash in February – declined an offer from NBC Sports to help break up next week’s US Open in Torrey Pines, Calif., According to the broadcaster Dan Hicks.

“We all thought how good it would be, who better, if he couldn’t be there to play him, voice him and get him on the show, but we got pushed back,” Hicks told the members of the media Wednesday prior to the event’s June 17 start date.

“He didn’t want to do it, and I fully understand his situation. There’s a lot going on in his world right now and there’s also a part of Tiger that doesn’t want to become that, I don’t want, for lack of a better word, a sideshow at an event where we should. focus on what’s going on. “

Hicks added, “I understand that what is going on in his world, he wanted to keep it low key and stay out of the spotlight for this one and I just hope he enjoys it at home watching it on TV.” . “

Tiger – who won the US Open the last time Torrey Pines hosted the event in 2008 – has avoided the spotlight since he crashed his race in Los Angeles County on February 23.

He barely spoke about the incident – only revealing that rehabilitation was “More painful than anything I’ve ever known” – and he’s only posted one photo of himself since the crash.

As we previously reported, Tiger broken several bones in his leg and required several complicated surgeries and a metal stabilizer rod to resolve the issues.

It is not yet known whether Woods will ever play competitive golf again.


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