Tiger Woods Declining Broadcast Role at 2021 US Open, Says Announcer Dan Hicks

Tiger Woods Declining Broadcast Role at 2021 US Open, Says Announcer Dan Hicks

AP Photo / Eric Gay, File

Tiger Woods has reportedly declined an invitation from NBC Sports to serve as a broadcaster for the 2021 US Open next week.

Dan Hicks of NBC Sports told reporters Thursday that Woods turned down an offer from the network to help break the action at the Torrey Pines golf course in San Diego:

“He didn’t want to do it, and I fully understand his situation. There’s a lot going on in his world right now and there’s also a part of Tiger that doesn’t want to become that, I don’t want, for lack of a better word, a sideshow at an event where we should. focus on what’s going on. “

Woods is still recovering from a car crash in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif. On February 23. He underwent surgery the same day to repair major injuries to his right leg.

Dr Anish Mahajan, who performed the operation, said in a declaration that “open fractures affecting both the upper and lower parts of the tibia and fibula were stabilized by inserting a rod into the tibia”. Woods also had pins and screws inserted into his foot and ankle.

Golf summary posted a photo of Woods walking on crutches to Instagram on May 24.

“My physical therapy kept me busy,” Woods told Daniel Rapaport. Golf summary. “I’m doing my routines every day and I’m focusing on my # 1 goal right now: walking alone. Take one step at a time. “

This year’s US Open is being held at Torrey Pines for the first time since 2008. Woods won this tournament, despite playing with a torn ACL that subsequently required surgery.

The 2021 US Open kicks off on June 17. Bryson DeChambeau is the defending champion.


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