Thousands of people gather in Balfour, Rabin Square to celebrate the new government – –

Thousands of people gather in Balfour, Rabin Square to celebrate the new government – –

Thousands of Israelis gathered in several locations across the country on Sunday evening to celebrate the swearing-in of the new government and the end of Benjamin Netanyahu’s 12-year reign as prime minister.

Protesters from several anti-Netanyahu protest organizations gathered to celebrate in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square on Sunday evening as the Knesset gathered to endorse the government, while protesters in Jerusalem marched from the Knesset to the residence of the Prime Minister in Balfour.

Caravans of protesters supporting the government gathered in several locations across the country.

In Rabin Square, protesters brought a foam cannon to celebrate the new governments, after legal demands to fill the square’s northern pool – which protesters have long planned to jump into on the night of Netanyahu’s departure – had been refused by the Tel Aviv municipality.The “historic change” in a new government is a direct result of the anti-Netanyahu protests, the protest organization’s Minister of Crime said. “This is the time for unity among the people. For a government that will work for the citizens, mend the divisions and end the incitement and divide to rule the mindset of the Netanyahu era. Likud activists called on the new opposition members to boycott the new government’s swearing-in. The possibility of such a boycott will be discussed by the bloc that supports Likud, a party official told Maariv.
Darkenu, an NGO that works to “strengthen the democratic and Zionist character of Israel,” will meet outside the Knesset at 2 p.m. to launch blue balloons and all in support of the new government. “We forgot it, but taking the oath of office of a new government – any government – is an uplifting, happy and historic moment that gives hope and light for a better future. This time more than ever, we are filled with hope and prayer that the unity government that will be formed will bring Israel back to a positive and unifying path that will leave behind the hate speech that has torn the people apart in recent years ” , said Yaya Fink, CEO of Darkenu.Placards supporting the new coalition were hung outside the home of incoming Prime Minister Naftali Bennett in Ra’anana, N12 reported on Sunday. Anti-Netanyahu protesters gathered at the prime minister’s residence on Saturday night as well as across the country. demonstrations unlike the darker ones of the past, such as the “silent vigil” organized after the Mount Meron tragedy. Former Defense Minister Moshe (Boogie) Ya’alon also said the new government is the result of anti-Netanyahu protests when addressing the crowd. “My friends, you did. You did this when you were attacked as traitors, anarchists, and spreaders of disease. You did it even when the mainstream media ignored the protests, ”he said. “If the government is replaced tomorrow, I can say that this is the longest hostage rescue operation that I have participated in. The protest movement has become the main tool to save Israeli democracy and the future of the State of Israel, you are the pillar of fire in front of the camp.


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