This woman derailed the Tour de France on her own – .

This woman derailed the Tour de France on her own – .

Here’s the problem: We all make mistakes. Whether it’s spilling coffee on a new white shirt or accidentally stopping the car in front of you, life is filled with moments we wish we could resume. For most of us, these moments are confined to a small handful of onlookers. But for this Tour de France fan, her enthusiasm and bulky cardboard sign managed to derail the most famous cycling race in the world.

In the video above, you can see the domino effect of this woman’s sign, which led to a stack of several bikes at the start of the race. The woman, dressed in a yellow coat, can be seen holding a sign with “granny and grandfather” written in German. French police are currently trying to identify the woman, whom she plans to charge with “deliberately breaking safety rules and causing injuries that could prevent someone from working for up to three months.”

Tour de France deputy director Pierre-Yves Thouault said the tour would take legal action against the woman, saying: “We are pursuing this woman who behaved so badly. We are doing this so that the tiny minority of people who do this don’t ruin the show for everyone, ”he told AFP news agency.

Many on social media laugh at the woman for ruining the race with just one piece of cardboard:

Authorities are still looking for the woman, who is likely dyeing her hair, changing her name and traveling the world to start a new life. But look on the bright side, ma’am: you may have ruined the Tour de France, but you’ve created a meme that we’ll enjoy for years to come!

(via BBC, image: screenshot)

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