“They’re all full of s — t” – –

“They’re all full of s — t” – –

UFC 263 took place this weekend in Glendale, Arizona, breaking the Gila River Arena gate record with over 17,000 screaming and booing maniacs in attendance. With three fights in five rounds and a new champion to discuss, UFC President Dana White stayed at the post-fight press conference for half an hour to speak from all angles of the event.

And of course, he couldn’t help but discuss the Paul brothers, especially the Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul fight that just happened and the upcoming Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley fight in August. Apparently Jake Paul said the UFC was unable to sell a million pay-per-views like the Pauls do?

“Jake? The other brother? White responded with a smirk. “Jake didn’t make a million [PPV buys]. His brother made a million. He and Floyd made a million. The last time we did a press conference I told you the Triller stuff is bullshit. They lie, their numbers are not what they claim. [Logan and Floyd] really does that number, it’s a real number. They did that. Jake didn’t do that. Logan and Floyd did it, and good for them. It’s a real number, they really did it, and good for them.


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