These Yankees are a roller coaster everyday – .

These Yankees are a roller coaster everyday – .

Your guess is as good as mine if this Yankees team has something special going on or lives so close to the edge that they’ll eventually fall.

On this point, however, we can all agree: these guys are a real treat right now.

The Yankees outlasted the Royals on Wednesday night at Yankee Stadium, 6-5, when Luke Voit’s single over the left-field wall scored pinch runner Tyler Wade from second base, completing a two-run rally. which followed a two-run rally in the eighth round. In between was an Arnoldis Chapman collapse in the ninth inning that would have put pressure on Aaron Boone had it not been for the second comeback.

Instead, Boone subsequently smiled as his club claimed their sixth victory in eight games and closed within 4.5 games of the American League leaders Red Sox in the East, each of those wins being Russian mountains. Not a W easy to find among them.

“These guys are tough. They are fighting, ”Boone said. “We understand how difficult this season has been so far, and they continue to work hard. They continue to fight.

God Almighty they fought for this one, their two most accomplished relievers (Chapman and Zack Britton) teaming up to allow three runs in the final two innings and the Yankees still win. First there was a two-run homerun, two strikeouts and an eighth inning by Rougned Odor of All People, with the southpaw sinking away from Kansas City southpaw Jake Brentz to put the Yankees in the lead, 4-3. , after Britton served Carlos Santana a solo homerun to start the frame.

Luke Voit (center) is mobbed by his teammates after his single winner gave the Yankees a 6-5 victory over the Royals.
Luke Voit (center) is mobbed by his teammates after his single winner gave the Yankees a 6-5 victory over the Royals.
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Then, after Santana had a role in the top of the ninth streak and led to two racing points for the Royals – and, it can’t be stressed enough, really could have created a pinstripe mess – Gary Sanchez has tied the score on one. the solo string in left field comes off Greg Holland. And after Giancarlo Stanton made a single and substitute Wade passed second on wild ground, Voit, just activated from the injured list on Tuesday, snatched his winner, giving the Yankees the opportunity to record. a third consecutive victory in the series Thursday afternoon.

“Winning in a big way to get us back on a good streak and get into the second half of the season,” said Voit, who has a single, triple and homerun since returning.

Let’s call our final timeout to answer the key call of the ninth inning, Boone’s order for Chapman to intentionally walk Santana with two outs, the Royals at first and third and rookie wide receiver Sebastian Rivero on the bridge.

In a vacuum, the maneuver took on its full meaning, passing over ultra-accomplished and still dangerous Santana to create a shift from Chapman to Rivero, who still has no career success in the major leagues. However, as Boone and Sanchez acknowledged, the Yankees’ closest, who has struggled lately, has not joined the plan. Sanchez said, through an interpreter: “Probably not really what Chapman wanted to do in this situation. To charge the bases against Chapman’s will, well, it shouldn’t have come as too much of a surprise to the Yankees that Rivero shot a four-length march, or that Chapman went ballistic in the dugout after he finished his quarterfinal. work in a 5-4 hole.

The rising offense has cleaned up that mess, however, and the Yankees are moving forward, knowing Chapman has slipped since it became known that Major League Baseball would crack down on foreign substances. Each game has become its own adventure.

“We know what it’s like to lose,” said Yankees starting pitcher Michael King. “We don’t want to have that feeling anymore. “

“We have lost a hard [Tuesday] night, ”Boone said. “It looked like someone was walking away from us tonight. They continued to grind. Hope we can keep wearing this and keep improving. “

Can they get by? None of us know it, but one thing has changed for the Yankees over the past week – they certainly aren’t boring anymore.


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