There is another way to select speeds – –

There is another way to select speeds – –

Tesla’s minimalist approach and endless quest to keep things simple (from removing buttons to big broadcasts) is one of the company’s trademarks.

The refreshed Model S and Model X make another interesting change as there is no drive mode selector (D, N, R, P) on the steering wheel, which has also become a yoke.

The automaker has developed the Auto Shift function which should correctly guess in which driving mode the car should be. The driver will be able to select the modes manually, also on the touch screen.

However, this is not all. There is a third option. The driver can also manually select the mode using the capacitive buttons on the center console, under the cordless telephone bays. It’s an alternate option if the touchscreen were to die off or something like that.

It sounds interesting and is probably a lot less expensive than leverage.

Here’s how Tesla explains gear changes using the center console:

“In addition to changing gears manually on the touchscreen, you can select a gear by pressing a button on the center console. In most situations, these buttons are not available until you press one of the speed buttons to activate it. When active, the LEDs associated with each speed light up and when you select a speed, the associated LED lights up orange.

In situations where the touchscreen is not available (for example, in the event of a technical problem), or the Model S is in valet or transport mode, the gear selector on the center console will automatically activate and it will it is not necessary to touch it to activate it.

The description of the three options can be found in the owner’s manual:


For more details, see the full owner’s manual by clicking here.


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