The sale of gasoline cars in Canada will be banned and we now know when – .

The sale of gasoline cars in Canada will be banned and we now know when – .

It’s time to go green! The federal government has announced a new plan to reduce pollution, which includes a ban on the sale of all gasoline cars in Canada by 2035.
Share the news on Tuesday, June 29 Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra confirmed that the government “is accelerating its mandatory sales target of 100% zero-emission vehicles.”

This means that starting in 2035, all new cars and light trucks sold in Canada will be zero emission vehicles. It will also no longer be possible to buy new cars that run only on gasoline.

Government officials hope this will encourage Canadians to consider greener transportation alternatives, such as electric cars, instead.

The new target is an acceleration of the federal government’s previous target of 2040.

The announcement is accompanied by existing measures to help Canadians make the transition to more environmentally friendly cars, such as help with the upfront costs of zero-emission vehicles and investments in charging infrastructure.

“Only bold climate policies lead to bold results,” Alghabra said Tuesday. “Through measures to accelerate the transition to 100% zero-emission vehicle sales, we will continue to build a cleaner, more resilient economy, while creating good jobs and opportunities for all Canadians.” “

Earlier this year, officials also announced the Canada Greener Homes initiative, which offers up to $ 5,000 to Canadians who make energy efficient upgrades to their homes.


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