the latest tips from the Foreign Office for travel to France, Spain, Germany and Italy – –

the latest tips from the Foreign Office for travel to France, Spain, Germany and Italy – –

Travel abroad is still strongly discouraged by the UK government as new variants of Covid-19 emerge, although there are still a handful of countries you can travel to without needing to isolate yourself at home. back to UK.
Visiting the vast majority of countries, however, will result in a 10-day quarantine after returning to UK soil, either at home or at a government-approved hotel.

France, Spain, Germany and Italy are four of those countries, as they are all on the Orange Travel List.

Here are the latest travel tips from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for traveling to these countries.

No romantic trips to Paris yet: France is still on the amber travel list


France is on the amber travel list, which means you shouldn’t go.

Those returning to England from France must take a Covid test before traveling, book and pay for a Covid test for the second and eighth day of their isolation, and complete a passenger locator form.

On arrival in England, passengers from France must quarantine themselves at home or at the place of their stay for 10 days, passing a Covid test no later than the second day and on or after the eighth day.

In France, a national curfew is in place from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. with very limited exceptions, such as medical needs, family responsibilities or work that cannot be done at home.

Some restrictions were lifted in mainland France on June 9, for example indoor dining is now allowed for groups of up to six people and the reopening of retail, cultural and sports venues.

However, outdoor gatherings of more than six people are not permitted and are subject to fines, and face covering is mandatory in enclosed public spaces.

Find out about coronavirus vaccinations in your area with this handy widget.


Spain, including the Baleriacs and the Canary Islands, is also on the amber travel list.

Therefore, the same rules apply when returning to the UK: you must take a Covid test before returning home, book and pay for a Covid test for days two and eight of isolation, and complete a locate form. of passengers.

You must quarantine yourself at home for 10 days, passing your mandatory Covid tests on days two and eight.

Covid restrictions remain in place in Spain, including curfews, mandatory use of face masks in public spaces and limitations on social gatherings.

Rules may vary by region, with regional governments retaining legal powers to relax or tighten restrictions in their region if necessary to stop the spread of the coronavirus.


Germany is also on the Orange Travel List, so you shouldn’t be traveling there.

Before returning to England, you must complete a passenger locator form, take a Covid test, prepare to self-isolate for 10 days, and book, pay for, and take Covid tests on the second and eighth days of isolation.

Germany remains on Orange travel list with strict restrictions in place

In Germany, private gatherings are limited to one household plus another household up to a maximum of five people, and stricter restrictions are in place in areas with higher infection rates.

Depending on local incidence rates, there are also restrictions on non-essential retail businesses, restaurants, museums, and other cultural and recreational activities.

Medical grade masks are mandatory in shops and on public transport.


Italian vacations are also to be avoided, as the Mediterranean country is also on the amber list.

This means you must quarantine for 10 days upon your return to England, pay for and pass the Covid tests on days two and eight as well as a test before traveling, and complete a passenger tracing form.

In Italy itself, all regions have been designated ‘white,’ yellow ‘,’ orange ‘or’ red ‘zones, with various restrictive measures in place, including curfews, face coverings, reduced public transport capacity. and bans on parties and gatherings.

For details on the current coronavirus rules in other countries, see the government’s website.


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