The Delta Covid variant represents 0.5% of cases in France, according to the latest figures – –

The Delta Covid variant represents 0.5% of cases in France, according to the latest figures – –

The Delta variant of Covid-19, detected for the first time in India, still only represents 0.5% of positive test results analyzed in France so far, according to the latest “flash” study on its spread.
the latest Public health France ‘flash study’ results are from May 25, in the latest weekly study published yesterday.

He concluded: “Despite a recent increase in the detection of the Delta variant in sequenced samples, there is no evidence that there is a significant spread of this strain in the country so far. “

He cautioned people to remain vigilant, however, as vaccines may be less effective against the Delta strain – especially before people are fully vaccinated with all doses. He also said the strain’s increased contagion was a reason to remain vigilant.

He said: “The appearance of clusters with native transmission of this variant indicates that the spread has started in France, and [this] must lead to the greatest vigilance, given its link with a possible vaccine escape [less vaccine resistance] and the data in favor of an increase in its propagation compared to the reference variants and to the 20I / 501Y.V1 variant (Alpha, original).

‘Native’ transmission means the spread of the strain among people who have neither recently traveled to the UK or India, nor had contact with someone who has.

So far in France, the British strain (Alpha) of the virus remains dominant, present in 87.8% of samples, against only 6% of the South African variant (Beta).

Delta alert in Pays de la Loire

The Pays de la Loire Regional Health Agency (ARS) said it remained vigilant about the possible spread of the Delta variant in the region.

In his weekly update on the situation, the director of the ARS Jean-Jacques Coiplet said: “We have never been so close to the end of the match. But you still have to remain vigilant and respect health protocols. “

He said he would always recommend that people continue to wear masks when they are indoors with others, and meet people outside when possible.

It comes after a case of the Delta variant has been confirmed in Loire-Atlantique. The ARS said it remains vigilant for the possible spread of the strain, which is more resistant to vaccines than others, especially before the person is fully vaccinated.

The ARS plans to introduce an intensive testing program in the region to stop the spread of the variant, It said, and continue to “vaccinate those most at risk and those with the most social interactions”.

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