That’s when Hawaii will drop its COVID-19 testing requirements for vaccinated travelers – .

That’s when Hawaii will drop its COVID-19 testing requirements for vaccinated travelers – .

In two weeks, vaccinated travelers to Hawaii will have a much easier time entering the island state.

Governor David Ige announced Thursday that the island state plans to lift testing and quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated travelers from the mainland United States on July 8. However, those who are not vaccinated will still need to have a negative COVID test before entering Hawaii.

Travelers who wish to be exempted from a 10-day quarantine will need to download vaccination cards from a state website and carry a hard copy while in Hawaii.

The “vaccine passport” extension comes after inter-island travel resumed in May, but only for residents of Hawaii who had been vaccinated in the state. Earlier this month, the state announced that inter-island travel would no longer require COVID testing.

Ige had set a goal of immunizing 60% of Hawaii residents as a prerequisite for expanding the state’s “vaccine passport” program. This goal should be reached by July 8, the governor said.

In addition, other rules will also be relaxed on July 8. Restaurants will be able to increase their capacity to 75%, but social distancing between tables will not change. And indoors, people will still have to wear masks.

Thursday’s announcements and easing are important steps in fully reopening Hawaii, which closed its doors to travelers in March 2020 to contain the spread of COVID-19. The state slowly began welcoming travelers again in October 2020 through the Safe Travels program, which had strict requirements for travelers, including passing COVID-19 diagnostic tests through specific testing partners. Those who arrived without negative COVID tests had to undergo a 10-day quarantine.

The Safe Travels program has been a critical factor in reopening Hawaii safely, allowing millions of people to visit and restore jobs. “For every 50 people who travel to Hawaii, a full-time job is restored for a year,” Lt. Gov. Josh Green told SFGATE.

All pandemic restrictions will be lifted when Hawaii reaches a 70% vaccination rate.


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