Test de l’Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition 2021 UK – .

Test de l’Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition 2021 UK – .

He has a wing. This is the easiest way to see that this Aston Vantage is the new top of the range in unlimited number but limited in color, the F1 edition.

You can only order it in green, black or white, and it marks Aston Martin’s entry into grand prix racing this year. But it’s not just about making it look like Formula 1’s safety car: the depth of the other changes here fundamentally alters the character of the Vantage.

They say the Vantage should be the most aggressive of Aston’s various coupes and roadsters. With the DBS Superleggera and DB11 AMR I’m not sure how much clean air was there. The new boss, Tobias Moers, therefore assigned the engineers a fairly specific task: without just throwing in power, making the Vantage lap of the Nürburgring 15 seconds faster.

To do this, the ride quality was, you can imagine, quite demanding for the dynamic engineers; but, as you may have noticed from our recent awards, Gaydon has some really good ones.

The changes are detailed but extensive. Structural rigidity has been increased at the front of the chassis to improve steering response; adaptive dampers have been modified to have an extended working range; and rear spring rate and lateral stiffness have been increased for the purpose of improving traction.

The wheels are one inch larger, at 21 inches, and fitted with a lower profile tire: 255/35 at the front, 295/30 at the rear. New aerodynamic addenda, including front winglets, increase downforce by 200kg at top speed.


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