Tesla tries to stay ahead with the Model S plaid – –

Tesla tries to stay ahead with the Model S plaid – –

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The Tesla Model S Plaid will debut at an event Thursday night, Volkswagen believes the global chip shortage may ease soon, and Jim Farley. All this and more in The morning shift by June 10, 2021.

1st gear: Tesla and the Model S Plaid

I went to a Volvo event in Manhattan on Tuesday night, and at one point the conversation drifted into the theory that Tesla buyers are cannibalizing Tesla sales i.e. the Model Y is selling. good because the early model 3 users sell their cars and trade. , much like you might do when the new iPhone drops.

I’ve heard this theory before, but instead of Model 3 owners buying Model Y, potential Model S owners buying Model 3. I don’t know how many there are – Tesla’s goal is to sell that many cars. as possible, no matter who buys – but I know the competition for Tesla in the electric vehicle space is growing rapidly.

There’s the Ford Mustang Mach-E, the Volkswagen ID.4, the Audi E-Tron, among others, and upcoming cars like the Volvo C40 Recharge and the Cadillac Lyriq. In the upper parts of the luxury space, there’s the Mercedes EQS and the Porsche Taycan, which Tesla will respond to at an event tonight with the Model S Plaid, which starts at $ 129,990.

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The Model S Plaid is basically the second generation of the Model S, although Tesla would never call it that, given that it doesn’t believe in the model year concept. A longer range version called Model S Plaid + has been cancelled, meanwhile, as Tesla begins to navigate a new EV landscape.

Analysts say Tesla needs the Model S Plaid to be another hit, per Reuters:

“The Model S hasn’t changed much in terms of looks over the past decade. I think Tesla needs to offer something more to consumers, ”said Jessica Caldwell, executive director of automotive information provider Edmunds.


“The Model S Plaid is definitely intended to help reduce the migration of current Tesla owners out of Tesla,” said Ed Kim, vice president of consulting firm AutoPacific. “I think what we are seeing now is that Tesla can no longer operate in a vacuum. “

He said the Model S Plaid is a low-volume halo model aimed at showcasing the automaker and generating excitement around the sedan, with Tesla set to successfully roll out new models such as Cybertruck and Semi trucks to expand its range. customer base.

Tesla’s shorts might not be wrong about Tesla in the long run, although in the short term, there has probably not been enough talk about how little resistance Tesla has encountered from historic automakers. Everything is changing and it will be fascinating to see how that plays out.

2nd Gear: the struggle for oil in Norway has turned sour

Norway is one of the most saturated electric vehicle markets in the world, but Norway also harvests a lot of oil, a contradiction at the heart of a debate on its climate policies. This debate, Bloomberg Reports, has also become quite ugly.

Lan Marie Nguyen Berg, the Green Party politician who is vice-mayor of the Norwegian capital Oslo and a strong voice for climate policies, has received a flood of hate messages, threats and racist comments on social media.


The oil and gas sector employs approximately 200,000 people and has filled the coffers of the $ 1.4 trillion sovereign wealth fund, which will support the well-being of generations to come. Enforcement of the industry’s decline could have a bigger and longer lasting impact on the lives of Norwegians than any climate policy to date, and the question looks set to provide some of the campaign’s most heated moments. electoral.

Yet one of Berg’s staunchest defenders of online abuse happens to be his main political rival, Oil and Energy Minister Tina Bru of the pro-oil Conservative Party. “I CAN’T SUPPORT IT ANYMORE,” Bru posted on Facebook in May, with screenshots of abusive messages sent to Berg. ” Shut up! A few days later, the police decided to investigate the case.

There’s a reason the attacks hit a nerve. Bru has also suffered abuse online because of his support for onshore wind power, highlighting how sacred the oil industry is to Norwegian voters. The two women come from different ends of the political spectrum, but are allies in pushing for more investment in clean energy – they simply disagree completely on how quickly change needs to happen.

It’s kind of heartwarming to know that even in progressive countries, everyone sometimes gets a little too hot.

3rd gear: it’s Peugeot’s turn to be scrutinized for possible emissions fraud

Peugeot is well late for the Dieselgate party, but it has apparently finally arrived, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Stellantis STLA -0.38% NV, the automotive giant that owns the French brand, said on Wednesday evening that the Paris court had ordered it to pay a deposit of 10 million euros, the equivalent of 12 million dollars, and to provide a bank guarantee of € 30 million to cover any damages. The survey focused on the sale of diesel vehicles in France between 2009 and 2015.

Two other Stellantis subsidiaries, Fiat Chrysler and Citroën, have been subpoenaed to appear in a Paris court in the coming weeks as part of the same investigation, the company said.

The three subsidiaries “strongly believe that their emission control systems met all applicable requirements at the relevant times, and continue to do so,” Stellantis said.

A French judicial officer has confirmed the filing of preliminary charges, which allege that Peugeot engaged in fraudulent practices which made its diesel-powered vehicles dangerous to human and animal health.

4th gear: Jim Farley

Ford CEO Jim Farley has really been take a victory lap lately, and part is deserved. Ford has had a series of successes with the F-150 Lightning, Mustang Mach-E, Bronco and Maverick. That said, most (all?) Of those decisions were made before he took office last October. Farley is the first to point this out as he sat down for interviews recently in what appears to be an effort to raise Ford’s stock price.

His last interview is with the New York Times, although Farley doesn’t reveal much beyond the fact that he believes the Maverick will do well and that there may be other Mavericks in the future.

Mr Farley said he was confident the Maverick would be a success, saying he could imagine Ford producing a family of Maverick variants, including an electric model.

“The electrification of the industry is a big change, and I think it wasn’t clear until we launched Lightning and Mach E that Ford was going to be a winner in this new electric reality,” said Mr. Farley. “Now the investors are betting on Ford, and what they tell me is, ‘The strategy is appealing, go execute it, Farley.’ “

Build a regular cab electric Maverick, Ford, people need it.

5th gear: Volkswagen says chip shortage may have bottomed out

VW will be happy when the chip shortage is over, although it also says the chip shortage may never really end, and the real gift can be the friends we made along the way.

From Reuters:

The Volkswagen Group expects the semiconductor shortage to ease in the third quarter, but sees the bottlenecks continue in the long term, a board member told Handelsblatt newspaper.

“At the moment, we have reached the lowest point. We are facing the most difficult six weeks, ”Murat Aksel, VW’s purchasing manager, told the newspaper in an interview.

He said he expects a shortage of around 10 percent of chips in the long run, as building production capacity takes up to two years.

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