Tesla Model Y Long Range almost sold out for the third quarter? – –

Tesla Model Y Long Range almost sold out for the third quarter? – –

Tesla has increased the estimated delivery time for new orders of the Tesla Model Y Long Range version in the United States to September, which is in a few months (from 6 to 8 weeks in early May).

This is an increase of at least several weeks (up to about 12 weeks). Teslarati, who noticed the change, suggests the Model Y Long Range is almost sold out for the third quarter.

We assume that there must be a very high demand for the Non-Performance Model Y. This would also explain why the price of this version has been increased several times – to $ 52,490 (+1 $ 200 DST). Usually, the price is a function of supply and demand.

The Performance version stayed at the same level ($ 60,990 + $ 1,200 DST) for a while. The estimated delivery time for the Performance version is 1 to 10 weeks (end of August).

The estimated delivery time for the Model 3 is 9-13 weeks for the non-Performance versions (Standard Range Plus and Long Range), while the Performance version is 1-11 weeks, possibly depending on configuration.

That would mean the non-Performance Model 3 could be largely sold out for Q3 as well. We don’t know for sure because it’s a soft indicator.

Anyway, it’s mid-June (Q2) so having a lot of orders for the next quarter is a good thing. The Model Y is a very versatile car and without a doubt one of the most convincing electric vehicles on the market.

In the near future, it will also be produced in Texas and Germany (for Europe), which should meet demand. We assume that new versions / prices will emerge to further expand the scale of sales.

The ramp-up in China is also progressing fairly well with a new monthly record in May.


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