Take-out alcohol ends with COVID emergency in New York City – .

Take-out alcohol ends with COVID emergency in New York City – .

NEW YORK CITY – Talk about a sobering ‘summer in New York’.

Take-out alcohol will end after Thursday, when New York’s emergency coronavirus order is lifted, the NYS Liquor Authority tweeted.
“Licensees should be advised that with the end of our state of emergency and the return to pre-pandemic guidelines, temporary pandemic privileges for take-out and alcoholic beverage delivery will end after the June 24, ”the tweet read.

Take-out and delivery alcoholic beverages have proven to be a win-win for New Yorkers and hard-hit bars and restaurants during the darkest days of the pandemic.

Establishments gladly served alcohol in new ways under the New York state of emergency.

But Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s announcement on Wednesday that he would lift the emergency threatens to dry up supplies – as does the failure of state lawmakers to act to keep popular alcohol rules in the country. era of pandemic.

“We know that the sudden elimination of take-out alcohol will hurt many restaurants / bars and it will be a bummer for customers who have come to love it,” the NYC Hospitality Alliance tweeted. “We will continue to advocate for the return of this important popular + policy in the next legislative session. “

The alliance, in another statement online, blamed a “massive opposition campaign by New York City liquor and packaging associations and elected officials.”

As it stands, on-site alcohol-licensed bars and restaurants must stop offering take-out alcohol after Thursday.


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