Switzerland beats France 5-4 on penalties – .

Switzerland beats France 5-4 on penalties – .

Switzerland knocked out the French champions of Euro 2020 as they won their round of 16 5-1 in a penalty shoot-out after the game ended in 3-3 after 30 minutes of extra time as well at the National Arena in Burchest on Tuesday. Switzerland will now face Spain, which beat Croatia 5-3 in overtime.

Croatia came back to the game superbly after losing 3-1 in the second half. But the Croatian side under captain Luka Modric scored 2 goals in the final six minutes of the second half to send the game into extra time. Spain scored two more goals in the first period of extra time to secure a place in the quarterfinals of Euro 2020.

What a night – or you could say, what a day – of European football. And it all ends with the world champions, who had a two-goal lead with nine minutes remaining, being eliminated on penalties by Switzerland. It was an exceptional shootout until the very end, when Swiss goalkeeper Sommer saved Mbappe’s penalty, and the Swiss celebrate in Bucharest. France are downcast, but the Swiss are elated as they prepare to face Spain in the quarter-finals on Friday in St. Petersburg.

Highlights France vs Switzerland

DRAW: Switzerland 5 | 4 France

Mbappé does not score: 5-4

Switzerland scores in five of its five penalties: 5-4

France scores: 4-4

Switzerland scores as the goalkeeper almost catches the ball: 4-3

France scores: 3-3

Switzerland scores: 3-2

France also converts: 2-2

Switzerland convert the second penalty: 2-1

France scores: 1-1

Switzerland scores: 1-0

OVERTIME: France 3 | 3 Switzerland

Second overtime ends scoreless

The first overtime period ends scoreless

FULL TIME: France 3 | 3 Switzerland

90th minute: Switzerland equalizes

What a great approach to go about it! Gavranovi passes Kimpembe with brilliant skill, then crushes a shot in the bottom corner after a nice pass from Xhaka! It’s 3-3, and overtime is on the horizon.

81st minute: Switzerland reduces the lead

The ball is played to Mbabu on the right, who delivers a magnificent cross, and this man Seferovi rises the highest and hits Lloris with his head for his second of the night.

70h minute: Pogba doubles the bet

It’s an exceptional game from the midfielder. Benzema’s shot is blocked, but it goes to Pogba, who takes a touch to get the ball out of his feet before making a nice effort with his right foot into the skylight. A fantastic way to break an almost three-year scoring drought on the international stage.

59th minute: France takes the lead

It’s a fantastic scene in the room! Griezmann is in the penalty area after a quick play from France. He shoots and, despite Sommer’s stopping, the ball loops for Benzema to nod. Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals in 101 seconds to turn things around!

57th minute: France equalizes

What a turnaround in a few minutes! It is a goal that is both simple and brilliant. Mbappe pushes the ball to Benzema, he is behind him but a brilliant first touch opens it and he lifts the ball above Sommer to score.

55th minute: Rodriguez (Switzerland) failed to convert the penalty stroke.

PART-TIME: France 0 | 1 Switzerland15th minute: Switzerland leads 1-0 against world champions

Seferovi’s long-range effort is blocked, but the ball finds its way to Zuber on the left side. He makes a nice cross, and the striker sprints into the box, jumping beautifully to nod to Lloris and give Switzerland the advantage in the pre-quarters!

Highlights Croatia vs Spain

FINAL SCORE: Spain 5 | 3 Croatia ADDITIONAL TIME: Spain 5 | 3 Coatia

103rd: Spain scores again, fifth goal of the game for them.

Olmo sends another nice cross from the right flank, this time low which misses Brekalo and Vida en route to Oyarzabal at the far post. The Real Sociedad playmaker has plenty of time to hit a few touches before finishing ahead of Livakovi. Croatia is doomed!

100th minute: Morata gives Spain the advantage 4-3 in extra time

Morata clings to a cross from the right of Olmo who deceives Brekalo by swerving over his head and into the far post. The attacker grabs the ball then shoots his finish at the back of the net.

FULL TIME: Spain 3 | 3 Croatia

90 + 2nd minute: Croatia equalizes 3-3 in the second half stoppage time.

Ori achieves a magnificent cross from the byline down the left flank, catching Spain’s center-backs off guard with a gift of an inside pass to Paali, who responds with a thunderous header that leaves Unai Simón no chance.

85th minute: Croatia fell back by one goal.

Budimir receives the ball from Brekalo on the right side of the penalty area, and the Osasuna forward cleverly turns to beat Pau Torres, sending Modric to the sideline to send a low cross into the mouth of the goal. As Budimir tries to push the ball over the line, Azpilicueta’s frantic clearance hits Ori and walks in, causing a scramble down the line.

77e minute : Spain add a third goal! Pau Torres made a long diagonal pass to Ferran Torres from the left halfway line, finding his teammate with a large amount of space just outside the penalty area on the opposite side, the rebound of the ball deceiving Gvardiol. The fast-footed livewire flies past the defender, leaving his marker blocked as he kicks the ball past him before touching down and past rushing Livakovi, who has little chance of stopping the finish. Spain will no doubt believe they have qualified for the quarter-finals!

58th minute: Azpilicueta gives Spain the lead for the first time in the game

Half-time: Croatia 1 | 1 Spain

38th minute: Spaniard Sarabia scored the equalizer in the 38th minute.

Spain equalized thanks to teamwork and perseverance, which began with a quick and precise pass between Koke, Pedri and Sarabia as they advanced inside the penalty area from the right. Gaya eventually performs an angle practice just outside the danger zone, which Livakovic blocks, and Sarabia hits the ball into the net from close range.

Croatia 1 | 0 Spain

26th minute: Against the course of the game, Croatia took the lead while Spain scored against their own side.

Spain’s goalkeeper Unai Simon fails to control a rebounding pass from Sergio Busquets into the center circle, which bounces past him and into the goal. These Croatian fans are screaming at the top of their lungs right now in Copenhagen. At the start of the game, Spain were on the attack but after the own goal they were unable to keep the ball.

After a slow start at the UEFA European Championship this year, Spain and Croatia appear to be recovering at the right time. Spain advanced in the tournament, beating Slovakia 5-0 in their final group game, while Croatia beat Scotland 3-1 to finish second in Group D behind England.

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The two have a significant tournament history, however, their recent trends have been in opposite directions. Croatia qualified for the 2018 World Cup final before losing to France, and 13 of their players are still on the squad.

Between 2008 and 2012, Spain won three consecutive international tournaments, including two European Championships, but was eliminated in the round of 16 at Euro 2016 and the 2018 World Cup in Russia. In addition, only seven members of the Spain squad had already taken part in a major competition.

In the second match of the day, the world champion France will face Switzerland. The winners of the Croatia vs Spain and France vs Switzerland matches will face off in the first quarter-final, which will be played on June 2 in St. Petersburg.

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Euro Cup 2021, round of 16 today

  • Spain vs Croatia
  • France vs Switzerland

When will the Croatia vs Spain match start according to India time?

The kick-off time for the Croatia vs Spain game is 9:30 p.m. IST in Copenhagen on June 28.

How to watch the live broadcast of the match Croatia vs Spain?

The Croatia vs Spain football match will be broadcast live on Sony Sports Channels. Sony TEN 3 with Live Streaming of the Game in Hindi Commentary. SONY TEN 4 HD / SD will broadcast the match live in Tamil, Telugu and Bengali. Sony SIX HD / SD and Sony TEN 2 HD / SD with commentary in English.

How to watch the live broadcast of the Croatia vs Spain match?

The Sony LIV app will live stream the Croatia vs Spain football match.

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When will the France vs Switzerland match start according to India time?

The kick-off time for the France vs Switzerland match is 12:30 am IST in Bucharest on June 29.

How to watch the live broadcast of the match France vs Switzerland?

The live broadcast of the France vs Switzerland football match will take place on Sony Sports Channels. Sony TEN 3 with Live Streaming of the Game in Hindi Commentary. SONY TEN 4 HD / SD will broadcast the match live in Tamil, Telugu and Bengali. Sony SIX HD / SD and Sony TEN 2 HD / SD with commentary in English.

How to watch the live broadcast of the match France vs Switzerland?

The Sony LIV app will live stream the France vs Switzerland football match.


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