Sunday brunch hit with hilarious X-rated subtitle error – –

Sunday brunch hit with hilarious X-rated subtitle error – –

Sunday brunch was hit by a rather NSFW legendary mistake as the show’s theme song got a makeover this week that no one expected.

It’s either the technical issue of nightmares or a despised caption operator looking for a new job.

Viewers remained hysterical as the opening aria, which typically innocently sports the phrase “The Sun Rises.” I fill my cup. I wake up with Sunday brunch, ”but was instead transformed by a closed caption that didn’t translate quite correctly.

In yesterday’s episode, the offending line said instead, “The sun is rising. I feel my c ** k. I wake up with Sunday brunch.

Yes, that’s going to infuriate Channel 4 censors who probably aren’t too keen on their sunny morning jingle with a spontaneous penis side at 9:30 am.

The quick moment, which flashed on the screen for a moment, was picked up by viewers settling into the lifestyle program, as one noted: “When teletext goes awry. in a funny way, ”as they shared a screenshot of the moment, which occurred on an image of guest Scott Mills.

“This morning, Sunday brunch was a victim! “

Another thought it was a bit hilarious. Take ‘Lovejoy’ literally. ‘

Scott himself stepped in, adding on Twitter alongside a laughing, crying emoji: “Well that’s unfortunate! ”

Tim and Simon’s show often brings us chaotic Sunday mornings (Photo: Steve Meddle / Shutterstock)

Host Simon Rimmer noted on Scott’s tweet: “Even the captions could be on bingo with innuendo. “

Another got a sense of humor about the blunder, plus a few questions, as they pondered: ‘@ SundayBrunchC4 Theme melody subtitles blend first! Sunday morning! Even I was shocked! Did anyone laugh? “

Side note – another turn of the chorus wasn’t so erotic, but still sported the incorrect line: “Smell my cup.”

This was the latest incident on the sometimes chaotic morning show, which saw host Tim Lovejoy take a big crash live, Fleabag star Sian Clifford saying ‘f ** k’ (with Emily Atack almost swearing ) and comedian Jon Richardson, who is vegan, fed the very non-vegan ghee during a cooking segment.

Even last month, co-host Simon Rimmer got in trouble after accidentally slashing his thumb on a grater after mocking Joe Sugg for ‘passing out’ on Celebrity Bake Off for a similar incident.

Ah Sunday brunch – never fails to ‘fill our cup’. has contacted Channel 4 for comment.

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