Struggle for Smooth Flow Distills Israel’s Political Division

Struggle for Smooth Flow Distills Israel’s Political Division

“Kibbutzniks, once seen as the elite serving the state and warriors protecting society, have become ‘exploiters’,” in the eyes of their detractors, Mr. Shilon said. “The once proud kibbutznik must now apologize because Israeli society has changed. “

The courageous farmers who founded Nir David, then called Tel Amal, in 1936 were joined by a group of Holocaust survivors in the 1940s. Together they worked the land, drained the surrounding malarial swamps and fought resistance local Arabic. Soon the kibbutz spread from one bank of the Asi to the other.

The stream begins just west of the kibbutz, in a national park known for its natural springs. It ends on the east side in a concrete irrigation canal feeding local agriculture and fish ponds.

In the mid-1990s, Nir David rehabilitated the half-mile section running through his residential areas, reinforcing riverbanks with concrete, planting lawns and gardens, and developing a lucrative tourist industry by renting seaside vacation cottages. water in the popular spot.


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