Stephen Amell admits he was kicked off a plane for yelling at his wife – .

Stephen Amell admits he was kicked off a plane for yelling at his wife – .

Arrow Star Stephen Amell has confirmed he was asked to leave a flight on Monday after yelling loudly at his wife. However, he wants the record to show that he was not “forcibly removed”. Good for you? (celebrity)

Sarah wrote a deeply personal essay on Physique and body positivity. (Lainey Gossip)

Sharon Stone has some thoughts on Meryl Streep. Lots and lots of thoughts (Dlisted)

It’s always a good day when Shaun King’s grift is on display for the obvious blunder it is, but uh, real quick, who wrote the preface to his book yet? * walks away whistling *

From Roxane: Abraham Riesman, journalist and author of True Believer: The Rise and Fall of Stan Lee, wrote a thoughtful and comprehensive article for New York magazine on his grandfather, his role in the American Zionist movement, and the Israel / Palestine issue now. (Spy)

From James: Miles Morales is trying to become Captain America in a new series of cover variants for Marvel Comics. (ScreenRant)

Kayleigh wrote on the 15th anniversary of The devil wears Prada and how the film made Meryl Streep a modern day icon. (/Movie)

From Claude: Today in Shitty Men, one year to the day after 60 people spoke out against him, Warren Ellis has a new project with Image Comics, as opposed to his recent projects like Castlevania and Batman’s grave, and artist Ben Templesmith tries to apologize for working with him. But canceling culture is totally one thing. (io9)

Interviews with Charlotte Nicdao Mythic Questthe upcoming season 2 finale. (AV Club)

Jerry Seinfeld is making a Pop Tarts movie. (Deadline)

It really looks like John Boyega just bounced back completely in the middle of shooting a movie for Netflix. (THR)

CatLadyHatty uncovered the mystery of Elisabeth Thomas’ atmospheric higher education, Catherine House, immersive. “I had a hard time ‘liking’ the protagonist, but interpreted this to be by design – a nice side mystery to solve. Have you recently read a mystery set at a university? (Cannonball Read 13)

And, finally, please appreciate the smug, trapezoidal face of Matt Gaetz, try to act like he’s not been completely devastated by this statement:

The cast of “The Boys” continues to grow |

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