Stay away from GoodRx for now – .

Keystone shutdown makes these stocks buy – –

SoFi: “I am a buyer of [CEO] Antoine Noto. I think he does a great job. But frankly, he’s also been my friend since 1995. ”
GoodRx: “I love GoodRx, coupon trading. But I have to tell you, I just have this bad feeling. They’re against Amazon in one way or another – or, at least, that’s what the market thinks. It’s more important because they really aren’t, but people are still afraid of Amazon. I’ll say you need to stay away for now. … There is a problem with Amazon. ”

Ashford Hospitality Trust : vendre

Williams-Sonoma: “It’s amazing that this title is going down. You are quite right. I don’t think it should go down. Problem is, it’s up 48%, and everyone is trying to make a profit. But [CEO] Laura Alber does a great job. I am a buyer, not a seller, of Williams-Sonoma. ”

Vizio: “People have given up on this business. I think it’s a mistake to give it up. I still expect it to drop a bit more because people are in panic mode. maybe $ 17, and then I would [buy]. »

C3 AI: “People don’t even understand what the company is doing. … Other people are bailing out, so let’s wait until they finish bailout and we can buy it lower. ”


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