Stacey Solomon convinced she burns 1,000 calories during sex with Joe Swash – –

Stacey Solomon convinced she burns 1,000 calories during sex with Joe Swash – –

Stacey Solomon, 31, revealed on Loose Women Friday that she is sure to burn over 1,000 calories during sex with her fiancé Joe Swash, 39.
Host Kaye Adams asked, “Have you seen WW is now giving fitness points to people who have sex on their weight loss journey? “

Kaye then imitated herself lying on her back, joking that the only calorie she burned was turning off the light.

Stacey, who is pregnant with her second baby with Joe, said, “Do you know what, Kaye, I’m like you, and I always feel like I’m burning 1000 calories!” I think, my God, I work hard!

” Yes ! I’m pretty sure I could have a whole March bar afterwards! ” she laughed.

Stacey also opened up about her pregnancy announcement, revealing, “Aww, they’re so excited, Rex has no idea he’s not that age, he loves his animals, you know what he looks like, I think he is. ‘he will love it.

Loose Women panelists discussed the passion for burning calories

“We are so grateful and we feel so privileged to have the chance to have another baby, we love to be parents, it is our favorite thing in the whole world, we just can’t wait”, s’ is she exclaimed.

Stacey also admitted that she initially denied the pregnancy because she had lost her baby in the past year, which made it difficult for her to believe it had happened this time.

Kaye said, “Stacey, I am so excited about your wonderful news!

“Does it feel good to have him there?” “

Kaye imitated herself in the bedroom

Stacey replied, “Having him there was never a problem, but you know how I was, girls, I was in denial.

“I thought to myself: ‘You never know, don’t think it might not happen again, it might happen, it might not happen. ”

“We wanted to wait for a time when it was actually happening, it was actually happening. “

“Sometimes it’s good to have this to yourself, isn’t it?” Nadia asked.

Stacey said she thinks she burns 1,000 calories during sex without moving

“Yeah, although sometimes it’s not that great, is it?” Stacey said.

“Sometimes it’s nice to share your experiences, good or bad, and sometimes it’s nice to fester alone in a cave and say to yourself, ‘I have to stay safe and stay tired and stay inside. “.

“I’m so horny girls, honestly,” she added.

Referring to Stacey’s home, Pickle Cottage, and the baby’s nickname “little pickle,” Nadia said, “If it’s a girl, you can call her Picklelily! “

Stacey and Joe are expecting their second baby together
Stacey and Joe are expecting their second baby together

“That’s a nice suggestion,” Stacey laughs sarcastically.

“And if it’s a boy…” said Nadia.

“If it’s a boy, Picklewilly!” Stacey replied.

* Loose Women airs weekdays on ITV at 12:30 p.m.


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