Some parents in Edmonton have mixed feelings about unvaccinated children – Edmonton – .

Some parents in Edmonton have mixed feelings about unvaccinated children – Edmonton – .

As we approach the Government of Alberta’s “Open for Summer” plan, which will lift virtually all restrictions on July 1, some parents in Edmonton have mixed feelings about outings and activities for their younger children. 12-year-olds who are not vaccinated.

“I guess I’m excited but also a little worried it’s a little too early,” said mother Kirsten Lal.

Lal said she looks forward to her three and one-year-olds doing more activities, but will remain selective with what they can do.

“If there’s no mask in place then I probably won’t be doing any indoor events right now,” Lal said.

Currently, children under 12 are not yet eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine.

It’s less of a problem for other parents.

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“My worry level has dropped a lot since the start,” said parent Nicole Teskey.

“He goes to school, and I’m lucky no one in this class has had COVID, so he doesn’t have to stay home. So far so good, ”said Conquest parent Oshin.

A medical expert said that with more adults vaccinated, the number of cases was falling, including among young people.

“We have to remember that children and adolescents do not and never get seriously ill from COVID and this is also true for the variants,” said infectious disease specialist Dr Martha Fulford.

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Although young people do not share the same impacts as adults, doctors are optimistic that vaccines for children 12 and under will be available soon.

“I certainly hope that September will be the month when these injections are approved for young children under the age of 12,” said Dr. Peter Juni of the COVID-19 Scientific Advisory Table.

Until then, Juni said that if you are planning a trip abroad and your children are the only ones who are not vaccinated, it can delay you.

“If we are traveling with children, the children should undergo the regular quarantine and should be tested repeatedly, not once,” Juni said.

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Regardless, some medical experts still recommend that children wear masks in public and indoor spaces and opt for outdoor activities.

“As long as people continue to get vaccinated and follow public health guidelines, I think it will be a safe summer to spend time outdoors,” said family doctor Dr. Allen Grill.

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