Sleeping on a ventilator during a heatwave can be very bad for you – –

Sleeping on a ventilator during a heatwave can be very bad for you – –

The people of Hull were blessed with scorching weather during the first half of June.
Temperatures peaked at 25 ° C with a warm 20 ° C on most days during the month.

The scorching heat hasn’t abated in the past few hours either – meaning many have turned and turned over the night in an attempt to close their eyes.

To help get some sleep, some people may have considered plugging in their trusty fans to relieve the relentless heat.

But you really shouldn’t be using a ventilator while you sleep with reports suggesting it could be bad for your health.

This is because, apparently, the breeze that you think soothes you to fall asleep is actually just circulating all the dust and pollen around the room.

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Worryingly, this can cause a buildup in your sinuses and potentially trigger asthma or similar allergies.

Plus, the blast of cooler air can dry out your skin, not to mention your throat and even your eyes.

Apparently, it can even cause sinus irritation.

This can impact your nose and airways, causing additional mucus to build up, not to mention congestion and headaches.

Fans can also hurt you all over when you wake up, causing muscle cramps during the night.

Even the puppies took advantage of the warm weather

Instead, the Met Office advises, “Stay out of the sun. Keep your home as cool as possible – shading windows and closing them during the day can help.

“Open them when it’s cooler at night. Continue to drink fluids. If there is someone you know, such as an elderly person living alone, who might be particularly at risk, make sure they know what to do.

The heat is expected to last in Hull and East Riding through the end of the week, with temperatures dropping to 16C by the weekend.

Yet despite a yellow thunderstorm warning kicking in from Wednesday evening, temperatures will still range from 24 ° C to 19 ° C midweek. Read the full disclaimer here.


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