Sichuan orders Bitcoin miners shut down – .

Sichuan orders Bitcoin miners shut down – .

Sichuan National Development and Reform Commission and Sichuan Energy Bureau Notice Regarding Clean Up and Shutdown of Crypto Mining Projects

Municipal and municipal governments, the State Grid Corporation of China in Sichuan, the Sichuan Energy Investment Group, the Sichuan central power companies and the provincial public power companies:

Based on the 73rd Provincial Government Routine Meeting and the Bitcoin Mining Suppression Requirements of the 51st Meeting of the State Council Finance and Development Committee, we have released the following:

1. Complete the process to filter and shut down crypto mining companies

Local governments, with help from State Grid and Sichuan Energy Investment Group, will filter, clean up and shut down 26 companies that have been inspected and flagged as potential crypto mining projects by the Sichuan branch of State Grid here. June 20. The NDRC will monitor electricity consumption and shutdown, and report daily.

2. Carry out self-inspection among power companies in Sichuan

Central Sichuan electricity providers and provincial state power companies are expected to investigate their customers and immediately cut off their electricity supply once it comes to mining projects during the inspection. Companies are expected to enforce the government-issued crackdown without any discount and report their inspection results to the NDRC by June 25.

3. Complete cleaning and inspection

Local governments should immediately cast a net to immediately inspect and shut down cryptocurrency mining projects found during the inspection. Local governments are required to report the results to the NDRC by June 25. Local governments are not allowed to approve crypto mining projects.

4. Specify the responsibilities of the entities carrying out the repression

Local governments are the ones responsible for the repression. Local governments must be more aware of their political position, must guarantee the quality and quantity of the task and must maintain social stability.


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