Shortage of gas for barbecues, caravans and motorhomes in UK – Calor apologizes | United Kingdom

Shortage of gas for barbecues, caravans and motorhomes in UK – Calor apologizes | United Kingdom

The British have enjoyed magnificent warm weather over the past two weeks, as temperatures soared to 30C after a wet and windy May. However, the rush to soak up the sun before the drizzle returned has triggered a gas shortage due to an influx of people making the most of the outdoors by hosting barbecues and traveling in their motorhomes.

Home energy supplier Calor has now warned of a gas shortage for some customers due to delays as staff follow government guidelines Covid.
He said in a statement on his website: ‘We continue to work tirelessly to deliver gas safely to homes and businesses across the UK despite the many challenges caused by Covid-19.

“We continue to work safely at Calor following all of Covid’s guidelines, but there is a possibility that people in critical roles such as drivers and customer service agents may have to take time off work.

“We therefore apologize if you experience longer wait times as a result. ”

They added, “We are currently having issues with bottle availability due to higher demand and tight supply.
“Availability is constantly changing, but be aware that some cylinder sizes are not available or are limited to exchange only.

“For customers wishing to collect or return gas cylinders, please call ahead to make an appointment with your local Calor center. “

Meanwhile, a number of caravan and motorhome deliveries are also delayed due to the lack of availability of gas cylinders.

Michael Hold, Adventure Leisure Vehicles in Cumbria, said: “Calor misjudged the number of people buying barbecues and patio heaters and the volume of new buyers in the caravan and motorhome market.

“We cannot get new cylinders, only replacements for existing cylinders, and we have to buy cylinders on the ‘black market’. “

Calor responded: “The impact of the Covid pandemic has resulted in a record demand for Calor gas cylinders due to the extended lockdown, hot weather and the boom in UK stays last year.

“While new cylinders have been ordered in significant quantities, demand has continued to grow this year and is causing some shortages.

“So this has an impact on sectors such as the caravan and recreational vehicle sector.

“The order for new cylinders was placed well in advance to meet the expected high demand – but delivery times for cylinders, which are manufactured abroad, were considerably longer than in previous years, due to persistent Covid issues at manufacturing sites, an increasing global demand for steel and increasing global demand for shipping.

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