Shock like Euros means England must play good teams! – .

Shock like Euros means England must play good teams! – .

The English media are already afraid of Germany and hope to face a team that has beaten them …
Hungarian hippos
On Tuesday we were treated to “chaos” and “crisis” as football grabbed the front pages of the tabloids. Strangely, talk about “chaos” and “crisis” calmed down in the wake of England winning 1-0 again and securing a place in the last 16. Now we turn to the ridiculous chauvinism and the usual nonsense.

Some things to uncheck here:

  • “Old age enemy of Germany”. Oh is that fucking behaving.
  • The “uh, Hungary” and “fingers crossed, Hungary’s underdogs” rather ignore the fact that said Hungary would be cool to beat Germany.
  • If only there were examples in recent history where the vertigo of playing a ‘minnow’ in the knockout stages of a European Championship backfired. Nobody?

Fortune favors rave
We can almost forgive reporters for this attitude, but sports editor Dave Kidd really should know better than to write this:

“They won a game, won a group, won back some hearts and minds, and are now heading back to Wembley – same time, same place, next week – to face France, Germany, Portugal or, if they are. extremely lucky, Hungary. ‘

Yes, if they are “extremely lucky” they will face a team that scared Portugal, drew France and beat Germany. Fingers crossed, eh. Search the ground for four leaf clovers, Gareth.

Horror show
No one is saying England are an incredible all-conqueror football team, but that ‘Oh my God, we could play someone good next’ story is already really tiring.

‘England 1 Czech Republic 0: Raheem Sterling scores top of group – but Three Lions face Euro 2020 horror in last 16’

What did anyone seriously expect from the Euro-

And England isn’t accidentally ranked fourth in the world, just as Germany isn’t accidentally ranked 12th. Germany were beaten 6-0 by Spain in November and lost to North Macedonia in March. Portugal lost 4-2 to that same German team last week, so the idea that facing either would be a “horror clash for Euro 2020 last 16” is ludicrous.

Their first – and possibly last – knockout game will likely be a far more difficult test than anything England have faced so far.

This is sort of the highlight.

“England’s potential road to the Euro 2020 final with Germany, France and even Wales on the horizon” – Mirror site.

STOP PRESS: “Even” Wales is on England’s side.

Pie Schmazza
Does Andy Dunn from Daily Mirror and Jeremy Cross du Star of the day sitting next to each other …

‘PHIL FODEN might have the Gazza hairstyle but Jack Grealish has the Gazza style’ – Dunn, Mirror.

So far the closest to Gazza had been Phil Foden’s new haircut ‘- Cross, Star.

… Or are they just coincidentally both boring and obsessed with a footballer who last played for England 23 years ago?

Suspense thriller
Phil Foden – who is only 21, remember – had two disappointing performances for England, so of course we should go straight to the headlines like these:

“Jack Grealish didn’t need the Gazza haircut to play like him and warranted the inclusion” – Star of the day.

It looks like the media must also act as if Foden is being protected by Gareth Southgate because he was booked and didn’t want to lose him for their Last 16 clash is actually an AXING (The Sun website), while the Mirror website claims it’s a whole thing:

“Phil Foden decision: threat of suspension, advice from Wayne Rooney and explanation from Gareth Southgate”

The “threat of suspension” is “Gareth Southgate’s explanation”, but that doesn’t stop you from insinuating something much, much worse.

Fear factory
‘ONLY 44 days after leaving Villa Park in a protective boot. Harry Maguire was back at full speed ”- Charlie Wyett, The sun.

“ONLY 19 days after Charlie Wyett claimed”Twisted duo Jordan Henderson and Harry Maguire feared to miss ALL of the tournament‘, Harry Maguire was back at full speed’ – Mediawatch, Football365.

I will (not) hear you roar
The last page of the Daily mail tells us that “RAHEEM STERLING sent England into the last 16 as the group winner, then roared: bring in the European elite.

We’ll be brief, but well, he screwed up.

Look to the dark side
More at Express, “England have five positives and two negatives after the Czech Republic’s victory at Euro 2020”.

At this point, we’re surprised that one of those two negatives is that England won and therefore face a ‘horror’ clash, but in reality the negatives are that Harry Kane still hasn’t scored and Jadon Sancho hasn’t started which seems odd as the man who played was excellent and his inclusion was’a decision that was justified ”, according to the same article.

Anyway, back to Kane …

“It should be noted that many of the best players in the tournament have already announced themselves.

“Cristiano Ronaldo has three goals for Portugal, Antoine Griezmann was on target for France against Hungary, Memphis Depay seems a threat with the Netherlands while Germany recently saw Kai Havertz score a brace.

“Then there is Romelu Lukaku and Ciro Immobile, who shine for Belgium and Italy.

“Kane has to join this crowd if England are to go all the way this summer. “

It’s also worth noting that neither Karim Benzema nor Kylian Mbappe have scored for the France favorites. And also that Olivier Giroud did not score a single goal while France won the World Cup in 2018. England could possibly “go all the way” without Kane scoring once. Imagine that.

As for the continued absence of Sancho in the starting lineup; we would say a win and a place in the last 16, that is only negative for the player himself. Just wait until they find out that there are five English players who haven’t played at all.


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