Shaun Ryder swears live on GB News as he opens up on ADHD diagnosis at age 57 – .

Shaun Ryder swears live on GB News as he opens up on ADHD diagnosis at age 57 – .

Happy Mondays star Shaun Ryder dropped the F-Bomb live during a GB News interview with Neil Oliver.
Shaun, 58, was giving an impassioned speech about his struggles in school because of his ADHD, which he was only diagnosed with last year.

Host Neil said: ‘Got a good one for you from Paul, Paul was diagnosed with dyspraxia in 2017 at the age of 47 and he now has a BSC in research in psychology and Paul asks’ Have your school years already left feeling accepted in society? ‘ “

Without hesitation, Shaun replied, “Absolutely f *** ing, like I said, I didn’t know the alphabet until I was about 28!” “

Shaun Ryder was interviewed by Neil Oliver on GB News

Neil then read a question: “Ross says,” What do you think of the devastation wrought on the live music industry by all of this, by the foreclosure?

“And do you think the industry has been ignored by the government? “”

Shaun replied, “I’m going to sit down for a few seconds and zip my gob, because it’s going to be swear words coming out of it, right?” “

« D’accord, stable ! » prévint Daniel.

Shaun denounced the government’s treatment of the music industry throughout the pandemic

“So I’m going to sit down and keep my mouth shut, I’m going to turn a little purple,” Shaun continued.

” You know what ? It’s crazy, ”he added.

“That’s the perfect answer,” Neil told him.

Shaun, who released his first solo album in 18 years, said ADHD ultimately made him use drugs at the height of fame.

Shaun Ryder joue sur Celebrity Gogglebox

He previously told the PA News Agency: “The problem is with ADHD, nutty behavior – you have all that energy and you can’t focus on anything.

“You want to be a bit of a superhero in school, so you start getting into crime and stealing some money, and the girls love you.

“Attention seeking stuff like that because it’s the only thing you could really do that I really liked – get in trouble.” “


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