Severe storms and winds of 100 km / h cause heavy damage in southwestern France – .

Severe storms and winds of 100 km / h cause heavy damage in southwestern France – .

Severe storms in southwestern France yesterday (June 17) caused damage, including falling trees and blackouts.
Rain, lightning, winds over 100 km / h and even a mini tornado were recorded in Occitania.

Much of the damage occurred in Haute-Garonne, Tarn and Ariège, with 37,000 homes in the three departments having suffered power cuts.

As of this morning (June 18), some 15,000 homes were still without electricity.

In Limoux, in Aude, heavy rains caused a torrent of water to flow through the streets of the city center.

Falling trees and flooding disrupt travel

Haute-Garonne firefighters have witnessed 150 incidents, including flooded houses, wind damage to roofs and blocked roads that needed to be cleared.

In the Tarn, firefighters also witnessed around 150 incidents, including damaged power and telephone lines, and the roof of a collapsed bank.

Fallen trees have also caused many incidents. In Varennes, firefighters helped two children trapped in a car surrounded by fallen trees, and in Saint-Sulpice-la-Pointe a century-old tree fell on two cars, injuring a three-year-old girl.

The young girl was transported to the nearby hospital of Lavaur, before being transferred to the Purpan hospital in Toulouse.

Several train lines were also disrupted when trees fell on the tracks.

SNCF gave an update via Twitter this morning saying that the train lines were still down between Foix-Latour, Toulouse-Mazamet, Toulouse-Rodez and Toulouse-Capdenac.

The Bordeaux region is also suffering from floods

About sixty people were also evacuated by firefighters in the surrounding municipalities of Bordeaux.

In Latresne, around thirty people took refuge in a town hall due to severe flooding.

About thirty additional people were also brought to safety in Tresses, Artigues-près-Bordeaux and Saint-Loubès. In Tresses, schools affected by the floods are closed today.

Storm warnings lifted this morning

Yesterday, 31 departments were on orange alert for thunderstorms.

This morning, Météo France lifting of orange alerts for all departments except one, the Rhône, which is experiencing a heat wave.

Temperatures in the Rhône are expected to reach a low of 20C to 23C and a high of 32C to 35C until Saturday morning, when they will start to cool.

Thunderstorms and hail are still possible today in the north-west and north-east of France.

In the Pyrenees, clouds, hail and possible isolated thunderstorms are to be expected.

And in Rhône-Alpes, big clouds, rain and thunder are expected this afternoon.

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