Seth Meyers exposes Fox News’ scandalous hypocrisy over Trump summits vs. Biden Putin – .

Seth Meyers exposes Fox News’ scandalous hypocrisy over Trump summits vs. Biden Putin – .

Now that President Joe Biden is back from his big summit with Vladimir Putin, Seth Meyers used his last “A Closer Look” segment of the week on Thursday to dig into the blatant, if not shocking hypocrisy, which Fox News posted in his blanket .
“The same people who approve of Donald Trump’s friendly attitude towards Putin claim that Biden was not tough enough,” said the Late at night the host said, noting that “even Putin was willing to admit he was dealing with a more experienced statesman in Biden.”

“And yet it will shock you, Fox News had a very different takeout,” Meyers continued, cutting to a montage of host Sean Hannity saying Biden was “afraid to stand next” to Putin when of a joint press conference and contributor Lara Trump calling her performance “embarrassing.”

Then there was KT McFarland, Trump’s former deputy national security adviser, who complained that Biden looked “tired” next to Putin, “who’s a killer, who’s on the go. the back “.

“Am I supposed to be on Team Killer?” Meyers asked in response. “Plus, this idea that Biden somehow seems tired just because he’s not using his press conferences to rant and rave for hours on end over some crazy bullshit is so stupid. I mean, Trump is the one who looked constantly exhausted and drained of his energy because he spent all of his time yelling at reporters and spending sleepless nights hating watching cable news.

As for Fox’s complaints that Biden did not hold a joint press conference with Putin, Meyers reminded them that Trump stood by Putin in 2018 and agreed with everything he said. . “Trump was essentially Putin’s Ed McMahon,” he said, imagining the former president responding to claims that Russia did not interfere in the 2016 election with “Ha, ha, ha, ha, very good !

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