Season 2, Episode 16 – Diggle Visits, [Spoiler] Dies – –

Season 2, Episode 16 – Diggle Visits, [Spoiler] Dies – –

Luke Fox s’en va through at Batwoman.

To be fair, he just survived a bullet shot by a crow, seeing his father dead while he was unconscious, then waking up to realize that the man who pulled the trigger has no remorse and is unlikely to suffer any real consequences. So yes, he has many reasons to be upset.

When Ryan tries to offer emotional support, Luke asks for time for himself. He has his own way of dealing with the traumatic experience, which includes following Russell – the man who shot him – to a police bar for an upsetting and very tense game of poker. It was there that he met Diggle (guest star David Ramsey, resuming his Arrow role), who says he’s in town with a contract for ARGUS

Elsewhere, Roman Sionis is angry with Jacob Kane for speaking out about Luke’s shooter Russell, who has been accused of tampering with evidence. He also reveled in her hermetic explanation for Circe’s sudden re-emergence, namely that she went to rehab in Malibu to recover. Additionally, he erased all evidence of his daughter’s death so that it would be clear. However, Enigma is troubled to discover that Alice – as in Kate’s twin sister – gave Circe the new face. It could interfere with the brainwashing, which would really put the brakes on their plans.

Cue Jacob and Alice team up to kidnap Circe, whom they believe to be Kate with a new face. “If you’re wearing yoga pants it’s a lot worse than I thought,” Alice jokes. At the Crows headquarters, they confirm that Circe’s DNA matches that of Kate Kane and attempt to reawaken her old memories using objects from childhood. So far, it’s not going well.

Meanwhile, Batwoman searches a safe house in Crow to find Ezra, the man they believe will be Sword’s next victim. It’s too late, because he’s already dead. It turns out that Ezra assaulted the real Circe at a party. Circe claimed self-defense but was sent to Arkham, where she died after being trampled by fleeing inmates. Ezra entered witness protection because he feared Roman Sionis would follow him. He was killed by Tatiana, suggesting that Safiyah is back in town on an unfinished business.

Ryan also walks by the bar to ask Luke for help, which turns into a little brawl. Luke then reveals that he didn’t want to wake up from his coma because he saw his father unconscious. Why would he want to live in a world where he gets shot for nothing and the culprit incurs no consequences?

After seeing no progress with Kate’s memories, Alice then speaks to her as Beth. She remembers once when Kate wanted to date her. She shows Kate the cup she made, noting that she already knew it because she loved her sister. The word “loved” triggers something in Kate, who tries to unlock her true memories. However, they are interrupted by characters dressed in dark clothes who kidnap Jacob. Alice was also taken away by the people of Safiyah because she still has to pay for setting fire to the island full of desert rose plants.

Meanwhile, Circe escapes and meets Batwoman, who takes her to meet Mary at the loft. Circe does not recognize Marie, but she remembers Sophie and kisses her immediately. Looks like the old Kate is back until the brainwashing kicks in and Circe attacks Mary, forcing Mary to shoot her down with a sedative. There’s a war brewing between Kate and Circe in her mind, and it will only get worse unless they undo what has been done to her.

Jacob has been kidnapped by Roman, who says he will publicly reveal Alice as Beth Kane. When Jacob threatens to send Gotham Police after him before he can, Roman reveals he has the GCPD in his pocket. Two officers then arrest Jacob for having aided and abetted Alice, a known criminal.

There is tension in the air as Luke takes on Russell in a poker tournament. Diggle wants to know what a grudge Luke has with Russell, and Luke insists it’s just a friendly match. Russell cheats and thinks he won the match, but then sees that he was foiled by Luke, the real winner. After some glee, Luke suggests they go out. (“I’ve been running away from this fight my whole life, and it got me nowhere.”) They exchange blows in the alley before Diggle interrupts the fight, revealing that he knows Russell shot. Luke.

In a one-on-one, Diggle levels up with Luke. He also lost his father at a young age. He tells Luke that he carries his father’s legacy and that he should channel that anger into the fight for justice. The advice seems to help Luke. However, it appears Diggle is suffering from a headache and is in fact in town to see a neurologist. Before they can dig deeper into that, they spot the Bat signal in the sky – the Bat team is using Morse code to enlist Luke’s help.

At the Batcave, Ryan and Mary tell Luke that Kate is still alive. It’s a lot to deal with – he’s been through a lot lately – but it’s good news. Batwoman then lashes out at Safiyah, offering her mother’s desert rose in exchange for Alice. When Safiyah asks why Batwoman would give up something so precious to a criminal, Batwoman notes that she owes Kate for giving her a second life and Alice is the key to unlocking her memories. Safiyah accepts and takes the plant that will help him rebuild his kingdom.

Alice mocks Safiyah for once again escaping her clutches and getting everything she wanted – her boyfriend and sister – but Safiyah suggests she might be wrong about that. When Ocean doesn’t answer her phone, a worried Alice abandons Batwoman (and a chance to save her sister) to find Tatiana. Shortly after, she meets the assassin and kills her, before discovering Ocean’s corpse. He won’t come back this time, and she is destroy.

Jacob, who was transferred to a Metropolis prison, calls Mary and explains that he now understands why Alice is the way she is. What happened to her is the same thing that happens to Kate with the character of Circe. He tells Mary that he is counting on her to save his sisters, and she tells him that she loves him.

Elsewhere, Ryan has something else to say to Luke after their confrontation in the alley. She’s sorry for what happened to him and doesn’t know what it’s like to go through what he’s been through, but she’s not sorry for saving him. They kiss, marking the end of their fight.

In a final scene, Sophie realizes that Circe has disappeared. Confused about her identity, Circe returns to Roman Sionis and asks him if she is really Kate. Roman tries to calm her down and she stabs him in the hand. Seeing that Circe has started to unravel, Enigma demands that Roman tell Circe the truth so that she can decide who she wants to be.

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