Season 17, Episode 4 – .

Season 17, Episode 4 – .

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You guys maybe it’s all these seasons to watch one Bachelor / Bachelorette who always made the wrong decisions. Or who kept a toxic candidate like Queen Victoria or Luke P., with a strong suspicion of being forced by the franchise’s producers to do so. Eventually, as a member of the audience, you start to suspect that the frontman of the show is just a puppet, but really, aren’t we even worse than the puppet, for watching that dreck?

Which makes it sort of a miracle that Katie Thurston is the current Bachelorette. In his season as Single competitor, she was kind and compassionate, but not about to give a fuck. She was smart, funny and knew what she wanted. As La bachelorette, she uses those same skills and cleans “the house” (a phrase used almost as many times tonight as “bad reasons” and “good reasons”) of jerky competitors that we may have struggled with for weeks in a row. ‘other seasons. You can almost imagine it in a meeting with the producers: “No, I’m not keeping it. No, I won’t. No. “

This probably helps explain Blake’s return to her third Bachelorette (after the Clare / Tayshia season), because once Katie kicked out Cody, Karl, and Thomas, the powerthat’s it probably felt they needed someone to stir up some sort of drama, even though that person looked a lot like the lion in the Madagascar movies. But honestly, I’ll gladly take King of the Jungle Blake instead of some fabricated bullshit on competitors that we know ultimately don’t stand a chance anyway.

Because honestly, how cool was that group date? Of course, the sexy conversation was super squeaky, and Andrew S. probably should remove that English accent forever. But it was so great to see the candidates appreciate and support each other for once. (Christian in fact wax Tye is back. Sniff, Christian. Wouldn’t Katie have had an extra rose to give her after she kicked Thomas out? Or did it go to Blake?) Even the conflict between the guys over whether or not to tell Katie that Thomas was a tool was pretty unbiased: Andrew S. is right that this stupid drama always derails the series, and mean some guys don’t have enough time with Katie (again, Christian was robbed!) I would like to believe, like Andrew S., that she would be able to figure it out, but he should not too much watch this show. Fortunately Thomas was able to spit out so much shit (“I’m very proud of the way I speak,” said the man who also used words like “Demonstrative”), which Katie got to see through it all at the end.

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But first, she gave us a great fakeout. Calling Thomas at the rose ceremony and then going straight to the commercial was a sneaky gesture for this show, just showing everyone’s shocked expressions and Aaron’s curse. Those of us Bachelorette veteran viewers sort of sighed, wearily knowing that this is still the way it is in the Single franchise. Which is probably what made Katie’s epic post-commercial Thomas smackdown so satisfying. When he approached her and she took a step From from him? For once, Justin wasn’t the only one with the perfect shocked expression. ” Your Single the hearing is over. Go out. I might have to watch this a few more times before I actually fall asleep tonight.

And with that, Katie seems to have effectively gutted (for now, anyway), “the home” of her most heinous residents. Yes, there will always be drama, but I hope it ties into the romance, to which it belongs, as the remaining 15 men fight over Katie’s heart. Tonight, she showed that she could actually find that happy ending that every single person seeks because she has the courage and confidence to find the rare man who is worthy of her.

Stray observations

  • Michael A. is not kind and pure and wisely puts all his attentions on Katie that I really hope they end up together. Just the cutest.
  • It’s also almost shocking how much Chris Harrison misses as a host. Despite all his years with the franchise, he’s barely made a dent in this multitude of rose ceremonies. Tayshia and Kaitlyn forever. (They’ll also be able to do Michelle’s season, right?)
  • I’m with Aaron, I don’t want to get yelled at either, especially on TV.
  • I still don’t understand Quartney’s name or Brendan’s hair.
  • Does anyone else have the feeling that some of these guys easily went back to talking about “home” as a throwback to fellowship week?
  • Last week: I apologize for missing my review, but my generous editor gave me the day off for my birthday.
  • Next week: Welcome to the dark side of Hunter, and some really unattractive jerseys, because guys are forced to go head to head in “Bash Ball”.


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