Season 1, Episode 10 Finale – Ending Explanation – –

Season 1, Episode 10 Finale – Ending Explanation – –

Warning: The following contains major spoilers for Cruel summerthe Season 1 finale. Proceed at your own risk!

The truth was finally revealed during Cruel summerthe season finale, but not without one last surprise.

During a face-to-face conversation inside Martin’s house, Jeanette and Kate realized that it was actually Mallory that Kate thought she saw her. Mallory had seen Jeanette break into Martin’s house and spotted a blonde at the window, but since she had never seen the face of the mysterious woman, Mallory assumed it was Martin’s girlfriend or sister. . Then, when Kate was saved, Mallory realized the truth, but chose to protect Kate, who forgave Mallory for keeping such a big secret after they became friends. Then Kate later planted a kiss on Mallory as they were dancing in the street.

As for the Annabelle mystery, it was the name of Martin’s pistol, with which he almost killed himself. When he instead dropped it on the floor in the basement, Kate picked it up and shot Martin, sitting with him all night before calling the police the next day.

So it would seem that Jeanette was honest … not to have seen Kate as she was held captive. A spooky final scene revealed that she did, however, listen Kate begging for help behind the basement door when she broke into the house again in 1994!

Below, showrunner Tia Napolitano breaks down this shocking ending, Kate and Mallory’s potential romance, and Kate and Martin’s final showdown. Additionally, Napolitano indicates if the recently revamped series will begin a new story in Season 2.

LIGNE TV | What was the thought behind that twist ending and negating the idea that, until this point in the finale, we’re made to believe that Jeanette really didn’t see Kate and that she was telling the truth?
This last moment was something we worked on in the development process. We wanted the truth to be fully revealed in the finale to make it the most interesting ending possible, and we worked through a bunch of pitches, and this is the one that made everyone scream when they heard it. . So we thought it was the right place, that’s it.

LIGNE TV | What does it say about Jeanette as a person that she was able to do this, and that she has kept this a secret and is now leading everyone to believe that she is a wronged woman?
It pains me for Jeanette that she has a secret like that… We made her believe [in] popularity and happiness and that she should strive for it, no matter what. She really took that “whatever” to heart, and how she feels about it in times when it’s just her looking at herself in the mirror, I’m not sure. It makes me sad for her.

LIGNE TV | As she hears Kate calling for help, what do you imagine is going on in Jeanette’s head?
Risk and reward. She quickly calculates what she has to gain, unfortunately, by keeping Kate in the basement, and what she might have to lose by letting her out.

LIGNE TV | Prior to this episode, there were a lot of negative theories about Mallory and his implication. But what we learned is that she was protecting Kate’s secret even before she became friends with Kate. It’s a pretty important thing to do. So what was it that motivated Mallory to protect Kate?
I hope by the end [Episode] 10, people come full circle on Mallory and love him. I love it. I think she is just that person who will do anything out of loyalty, kindness and protection. I think Mallory is a very empathetic human. I don’t think she really has an evil bone in her body, and while she didn’t like Kate before Kate’s trauma, I think revealing the secret of someone who was kidnapped and just walked through something is a line that she will win. t cross.

LIGNE TV | Kate is very quick to forgive Mallory, and after that moment when she kisses him, is it safe to say that Kate is in love with Mallory?
I think we are seeing the start of something. They have this indescribable chemistry and connection. You meet a few people in your life, and when you meet them, you’re like, “Oh, I’m going to be in this person’s life forever” and I think they are for each other. We see a first kiss and a little exploration in “Is this romance?” “

LIGNE TV | There is a very crucial and traumatic scene with Kate and Martin in the basement. What was important for you to convey at that time?
Yeah, this scene is so. I wanted to see Kate run away, I wanted to see Kate have some power. Also, the grief that he made her love her and then made her fall into what she thinks was love with him, and all of that was inappropriate, and now she’s in a position where to be escape, maybe she has to kill someone… It’s just a journey, and this scene is designed to make you feel it all. And Martin, not to sympathize with him, to see him vulnerable… That cry Blake Lee utters is a cry that a human should never hear another human make. It’s primitive, and it just hits you in the stomach. It’s just very human and deep.

LIGNE TV | We discovered in this scene that the mysterious Annabelle is Martin’s weapon. What theories did you see there that amused you, that were so far removed from the base?
My favorite theory is that someone posted a photo of me on Reddit and said, “Photo proof of Annabelle. It just tickled me, that somehow my face was Annabelle’s, and then they were like, “What?” Who is it? “Oh, this is the showrunner. “

LIGNE TV | You left things a little open with Ben and Vince. What was the thought behind it?
I think this is the first step in getting them back together, but any version of their rapprochement seemed too easy, and I really wanted to protect them, because Vince is so good… and I wanted him to. defends himself. He was not treated well. He deserves to say, “You’re going to have to work to get back into my life, Ben,” and I love that Ben, with his gaze, say, “I’m going to do this job to bring you back.” So I thought it was genuine and that it was the right place to leave them.

LIGNE TV | Do you see the final scene with Jeanette as the starting point for season 2?
Season 2 is wide open. We literally start the job. But Season 1 was designed to be a full story. It’s the final piece of the Season 1 mystery puzzle, more than, I’d say, a cliffhanger.

LIGNE TV | Do you plan to continue with these characters?
I do not know. I don’t know anything about season 2. We literally just got the word, and then we went on vacation, so… [Laughs] I do not know.

LIGNE TV | What was your favorite scene from the finale?
I love them all so much. I’m going to tell you that one of my favorite cinematic moments is Kate and Jeanette looking together in the basement mirror, that same mirror Jeanette looked at in the pilot, and we go into the mirror as an audience, and they sort of look like the twins of The brilliant. The cinematography, the acting and the tone of the show are in full swing.

LIGNE TV | This is another thing that I have seen on a lot of theories online is the mirror and how it could be a one way mirror and maybe someone was behind the mirror and saw it .
I joined the show after the pilot was shot down, and my initial instinct was that Jeanette saw something in the mirror that we didn’t know. But the deeper you dig into your take on the show, the more you realize that Kate wasn’t kidnapped in this timeline, so that theory sort of crumbles.

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