Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 LTE model goes through FCC – –

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 LTE model goes through FCC – –

We saw the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series take a trip through China’s 3C earlier this month. Now the line has come to the FCC. A device with model number SM-R885 has appeared on the US certification site, with some intriguing details.

Judging by its model number, the SM-R885 could be the LTE variant of the SM-R880. The latter is believed to be the smaller 41mm Galaxy Watch 4. Although the FCC listing does not specify its size, it does confirm that the smartwatch in question supports multiple LTE bands. In addition, the watch also supports dual band Wi-Fi, NFC, GNSS, and Bluetooth. “Audio playback” from the internal memory of the smart watch is also listed as a feature.

Regarding the power supply, the smartwatch contains a battery with the model number EB-BR880ABY. We’ve seen this cell mentioned in previous listings, and it’s rated at 240mAh. This suggests that the battery capacity of Galaxy Watch 3 and 4 series will not differ.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 : Et la recharge ?

For charging, the Galaxy Watch 4 will apparently retain support for Qi wireless charging. However, the laptop can share its charger with previous models. The FCC has tested the Galaxy Watch 4 with a charger numbered EP-OR825 – the wireless charger that supports the Galaxy Watch 3 and Watch Active 2. This also suggests that the Galaxy Watch 4 can also hold a 5W charge. .

While a recent 3C listing suggests that the Galaxy Watch 4 may not come with a charger, it seems more likely that Samsung will continue to use its current charger. It’s a smart move for Samsung, as it saves the company the trouble of developing a new cradle. It should also mean lower prices for consumers.

So when can we expect the Galaxy Watch 4 to make its official debut? Conflicting rumors suggest that a launch could take place by August. However, the FCC listing suggests the laptop’s debut is imminent.


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