Samson discusses the latest changes with the Mavericks, “Mark Cuban has lost his marbles” – .

Samson discusses the latest changes with the Mavericks, “Mark Cuban has lost his marbles” – .

To say that there have been a lot of changes lately for the Dallas Mavericks would be an understatement. After 13 seasons as a head coach and an NBA championship, Rick Carlisle has announced that he has stepped down from his post. Dallas has also split from general manager Donnie Nelson.

David Samson discusses the changes and his thoughts on the choices of Mavs owner Mark Cuban with the team.

Samson begins by saying, “Mark Cuban better be sure he knows what he’s doing,” adding that he better be sure Haralabos “Bob” Voulgaris, director of quantitative research and development. for the Dallas Mavericks, is her man.

The podcast host says Voulgaris is not the right person to listen to. He said:

“Mark Cuban has lost his marbles, because he believes the voice in his head and by his side is the right voice and we’ll find out. “

There have been early reports that there were frustrations in the front office and although Cuban denied it, the numerous changes do not exactly corroborate his statement.

Samson says Carlisle is fed up with someone going about their business and having someone in the ear of a Cuban telling him what to do and he’s done with the role.

Carlisle said it was only his decision to quit, but Samson says it doesn’t need to be said because one, we’re not going to believe you and two, it doesn’t matter.

Samson thinks it was Voulgaris’ issue being too involved that caused the issue with Carlisle. Samson reviews the likely conversations between Cuban and Carlisle, saying there were likely disagreements over how to operate.

“I’ve tried leading a team this way, it doesn’t work,” Samson said.

In conclusion, he said, “Do you think he resigned or do you think he was fired? Do you think Carlisle lost three years of salary? Here’s a little hint for you: no luck. “

He said they made a deal for Carlisle to leave because Cuban was ready to move on, but Samson believes the head coach will have another job in the NBA soon.


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