Russia fined Facebook and Telegram for illegal content – –

Facebook rescinds policy to allow posts speculating COVID-19 was created in a lab – fr

Russia has fined social media platform Facebook and messaging app Telegram for failing to remove content the government deems illegal.
The Associated Press reported It is not known what content the apps failed to remove, but the Russian government recently took aim at anti-government content.

Facebook was fined $ 236,000 and Telegram was fined $ 139,000, according to the AP.

This is not the first time that Russia has tried to censor social media and messaging platforms, as the country has a long history with Facebook, Telegram and Twitter.

Twitter was slowed down in the country and threatened with a ban earlier this year. Facebook and Telegram were fined last month because the platforms again failed to remove illegal content.

Russia attacked social media companies earlier this year because they were used to stage protests against the arrest of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, the PA noted.

Russia has recently been tighten across the opposition as it prepares for the legislative elections in September.

In addition to attacking social media and messaging apps, the country has arrested leading political opponents of Putin and barred their allies from running for office.

Nigeria also attacked Twitter and banned the platform completely from his country due to the abolition by the company of a post of the president of the country.


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