Russell frustrated at not scoring despite beating Ferrari in France RaceFans – .

Russell frustrated at not scoring despite beating Ferrari in France RaceFans – .

George Russell said he was frustrated to finish out of points despite a strong run at Paul Ricard.
The Williams driver scored his best result of the season, beating several drivers behind whom he qualified but has yet to score. “Beat the Alfas, overtake Tsunoda on track to take the lead – we don’t. normally do not. It’s so frustrating, every time we have a good race there’s never a quit, mishap or anything.

“It’s happened I think three times now where we’ve finished 12th or something and we’ve had a really strong race. But it will come, I’m really happy with the way things turned out.

Russell, who also finished ahead of Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari, praised his team for “a very well run race with the tires” on a day when others struggled with their rubber.

“It was incredibly difficult to find the balance between not going too fast and not chipping the tire and not going too slow and losing the temperature. And we did a really good job. I was really confident in the car.

Although he didn’t score, Russell’s result pushed Williams from last place in the Constructors’ Championship to ninth place ahead of Haas. “I had that in mind,” he admitted.

“If we’re not in the points, we have to focus on getting this P9 back to the championship. I mean, obviously we don’t know if Haas will score points this year or not, but it’s about making sure we finish as high as possible in order to beat them even though we’re down to zero points.

“P12 today, back in P9 with the constructors, it’s very important for the team. “

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