Roxanne Pallett’s life pregnant now after becoming ‘Britain’s most hated woman’ – –

Roxanne Pallett’s life pregnant now after becoming ‘Britain’s most hated woman’ – –

Roxanne Pallett completely transformed her life after her career ended in 2018 thanks to the Celebrity Big Brother punchgate.
Left out of the UK theater industry, the star has taken time to reflect and rebuild her life – and now she is married and pregnant with her first child.

It has certainly not been an easy road for the star, but now she is in a “bubble of excitement” for the next big phase of her life.

So how did she get there?

What Happened After Celebrity Big Brother’s Punchgate?

After the Celebrity Big Brother Punchgate in September 2018, Roxanne lost everything, including her fiance, steelworker Lee Walton.

Although she remained by his side at the time of the incident, in January 2019, they had decided to stop.

Roxanne Pallett’s career came to a screeching halt after Celebrity Big Brother

The incident, in which Roxanne was seen accusing Ryan Thomas of mischievously hitting her, was also Ofcom’s most denounced moment of 2018.

More than 25,000 people have complained about the timing and its fallout, with roommates unaware of the truth, and Ryan collapsing over the accusations.

Her job also dried up after an initial round of interviews about what happened, and she was fired from her job as a radio host.

“I’m Britain’s most hated girl now,” she told Emma Willis in an excruciating post-Big Brother interview.

As a result, she went into hiding for more than five months to focus on her sanity, before fleeing Manchester as she was heckled and harassed on the streets.

Roxanne later admitted she was feeling suicidal and even sent her family a farewell note in October 2018, before they stepped in and sent her to therapy in Scotland.

Roxanne said the CBB incident left her suicidal, suffering from PTSD and losing her hair


In February 2019, Roxanne spoke for the first time, revealing that the stress of what had happened caused her hair to fall out.

She later revealed that she was seeking help for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in response to the public’s reaction to her, as well as for anxiety and depression.

While support for her was scarce, the former Emmerdale actress credited Piers Morgan with “giving her some truths at home” while also offering her some support.

During her treatment, Roxanne found solace and strength in “therapy, travel, Johnny Cash’s music and the Rocky movies”, as well as religion.

She would later tell the Sun, “It might sound crazy to say it, but in the end God got behind the wheel. I was not religious before and a lot of people might roll their eyes or not understand it. ”

Speaking to the Mirror amid the news about her baby, she added: “Therapy… changing my environment, quitting showbiz and eliminating the online world has brought me the most peace and progress. “

Jason and Roxanne met in Brooklyn after the Emmerdale actress got lost

A new relationship

In August 2019, Roxanne went public with a new boyfriend, Jason Carrion, whom she met while getting off a cab in Brooklyn, New York.

The firefighter was no stranger to the spotlight, having previously participated in the American version of Married At First Sight.

Roxanne and Jason went public with their relationship in August 2019
Roxanne and Jason went public with their relationship in August 2019

She quickly moved there to be with him and, the same month, shared a photo of them conquering the famous “Rocky” steps in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The couple got engaged in November 2019, after gaining approval from their mother.

“They have had very parallel lives and share an intense connection due to their past struggles,” sources said at the time.

“He is fiercely protective of her and has told his friends that she is the one he has been looking for all this time. “

They tied the knot in January 2020, with Roxanne later celebrating Jason online as “worth every broken step.”

“There is an old saying that rough roads lead to great destinations. Well every broken step that brought me here was worth it and I thank God every moment that from everyone all over the world I have been led to you, ”she said.

“You are my safest place and my greatest adventure. Thank you for choosing me. “

Roxanne Pallett is now expecting first child with husband Jason
Roxanne Pallett is now expecting first child with husband Jason

Baby j Ltée

In June 2021, Roxanne announced that she was 38 years pregnant with her first child.

In an exclusive interview with The Mirror, the star said, “I now know what ‘happiness forever’ looks like.

“To have such a great life here and to be lucky enough to have the most amazing husband and our little baba on the way… my mom is already knitting for England.

“My husband rolls around at all hours to bring me pizza and cookies. We are in a bubble of excitement.

“Everyone I have around me now brings out the best in me,” she added. “It’s true that happiness is the greatest achievement.

“I’m just very grateful for such a beautiful chapter. “


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