Roku kicks off new originals with Demi Lovato talk show – .

Roku kicks off new originals with Demi Lovato talk show – .

The first of a dozen Roku Originals premiering on the Roku Channel will debut on July 30 with The Demi Lovato show, a series that was originally scheduled to debut on Quibi.

The show will now launch as the first Roku “original” to land on the Roku Channel, the platform’s free and ad-supported streaming offering. Although originally intended for Quibi, the show will be brand new to audiences when it hits the Roku Channel this week. Each episode will be 10 minutes long, feature a famous guest, and cover topics as diverse as UFOs, activism, mental health, gender identity, and police reform.

In a statement, Lovato said they “never hesitated to be candid about things.” The show had previously been announced as Pillow talk with Demi Lovato on Quibi, although it never aired.

Roku swept much of Quibi’s library after the service closed and announced in April that it would rename Transport to Roku Originals. The company further said at the time that some 75 titles would air on the Roku Channel as free, ad-supported content.

A spokesperson confirmed The edge That while some of those previously released shows technically aired on the Roku Channel in May, others have yet to be released, including this one. Which does The Demi Lovato show the first Roku Original to debut on The Roku Channel to date.

It’s almost as if Quibi never really left.

Correction: An earlier version of this article used pronouns other than Lovato’s preferred “they / them”. We regret the error.


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